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FULL MOON IN GEMINI- Unlocking Beliefs

So, we have made it to the second last Full Moon of the year, where we are offered a chance to release of all that we wish to leave behind before we step into 2024. The last few months have been pretty intense with the eclipses and oh-so-many retrograde planets.

The energy is lifting now, where we take all we have allowed ourselves to immerse in and begin to process our learning. The themes for this Full Moon are very much around how our thinking affects our beliefs, how we use the information we have gathered throughout the year and especially the last few months to consciously release any pent-up anger or confusion before moving forward.

I have also created my free Gemini Full Moon workbook, which goes into additional detail about how to work with this Full Moon and includes questions for reflection, affirmations and some rituals to work with. An extra focus for those of you who may have your natal moon in Gemini: there is a special section included just for you.


Gemini 23 Full Moon Workbook
Download PDF • 18.79MB

The Gemini Full Moon occurs in Australia on November 27th at 8.16 pm Australian Eastern Time.

This Full Moon is an excellent opportunity to take all we have learned over the past few months and acknowledge, shift, sort through the information you have acquired and sort through what thinking, thought patterns or beliefs you now know you no longer need, you are ripe to release before we head into the New Year.

A brief warning, though, as buoyant as Saggie Season is, this Full Moon may have our energy levels feeling a little scattered, like we are not too sure where to land or what to focus on. With Saturn in a square aspect to the Sun, Moon and Mars, we may feel edgy a little discombobulated, and there is a risk of our emotions perhaps being a little tricky to access and harness. This is also due to Lilith's passionate and firey appearance during this Full Moon. On the upside, Saturn can possibly help us to reign in some of the usual excesses that can come with both Saggie and Gemini energy.

As we explore the Sagittarian Gemini Axis, we are reminded of the power of perception and the importance of accumulating, integrating, and absorbing information to shape our belief systems or philosophical backbones that ultimately shape our value systems and life choices.

This Full Moon emphasises how we choose to use the information we now have in front of us.

Feeding our higher mind is the realm of Sagittarius, but collecting the information, to begin with, is in Gemini’s court, so this is an opportunity to bring both into balance, to explore where we may be too big picture blue sky focused and lacking detail or conversely where we spend too much focus on the minute details of life, not allowing ourselves time to free fall into blue sky ideals. Both are needed.

We can now explore how the knowledge we have accumulated this year has served us, or otherwise, as the case may be. Have we learned things that have helped us grow, and how can we integrate it into a platform to launch from as we approach the New Year?

We can use this Full Moon to really focus on these themes and especially release and let go of any thinking patterns that no longer serve us.

Themes of learning may arise now, too. As adults, we can be scarred by how we experienced learning in a traditional education environment: it can lead us to hold onto beliefs about how we learn that may hold us back from pursuing new educational experiences.

If there is something you have wanted to learn but have been afraid of the process, this is an excellent time to consciously let that fear go and embark upon a new frontier of learning.

The Square to the Sun, Moon and Mars in Sagittarius from Saturn in Pisces could possibly help us consolidate and bring some structure to ideas around these themes, but it could also bring up some fears and barriers we might need to work through still. With Saturn in the mix of this Full Moon, we may be confronted directly with fears. Let's sit with this for a few days either side of this lunation and shift through what might be holding you back.

When discussing Gemini, we must mention the fine art of communication. Relaying information, getting messages across and making ourselves heard and understood by others is all in the realm of Gemini energy and with Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini, also in Sagittarius, we can harness this time to think broadly about our communication needs and goals. Are we being understood by others? Do we listen to understand or are we thinking about what we will say next, not taking the time to hear what the other person has to say?

Do you need to communicate some specific messages to others as part of your business? Is it being embraced, heard and responded to or not? This can be a great time to think about our communication goals, styles and responses to others and to think about letting go of traits, habits or styles that may not serve us in this regard.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius energy is mutable, meaning it is adaptable, flexible and well-able to embrace change. Change can be difficult for many of us, and so this is a time where we can think about what changes we may want to make in life, what changes we resist and what we fear around change. This can be an excellent time to let go of any nuances that may prevent us from embracing the change we know we need or the change we would like to see in our lives.

Overall, however, this is undoubtedly a more harmonious and workable Full Moon compared to some of our more recent lunations. This is a great time to have more fun, to access your inner child, play, let go of heaviness and find the joy of the holiday season.

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