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Aries Season meets Eclipse Season- Balancing Bold Beginnings.

Get ready to embrace the whirlwind of Aries Season 2024! Happy New Astrological Year, Happy Vernal Equinox, and welcome to the onset of eclipse season, topped off with Mercury also going retrograde this season.

This, my friends, is shaping up to be quite the Aries Season.

Personally, I've increasingly found solace in aligning the transition of the Sun into Aries as my energetic New Year. After a few months since the traditional January 1st New Year, this is an energetic time for reviewing how we are travelling and consciously activating what we aim to manifest for the rest of the year. The cycle's closing during the past Pisces Season has brought us full circle, where we were offered a serene backdrop for daydreaming, reflection, and those sky-blue dreams. But now, as we step into Aries Season, it's time to ignite action.

However, don't expect the usual fiery fervour of Aries to hit you like a bolt of lightning this season. As we make this transition, the Sun's proximity to Neptune invites us to linger a little longer in the realm of imaginative play or perhaps feeling a tad foggy. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn are still  in Pisces, with Mars, the ruler of Aries, poised to join them shortly. These planetary alignments soften this Aries energy a little and also take on added significance as we brace ourselves for eclipse season, spanning the Libra-Aries axis, which, of course, is ruled by Venus and Mars. Mars will stay in Pisces for this Libra Season and Venus will move from Pisces into Aries in a few weeks.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th sets the stage for reflection and release around themes of relationship—with both the self and others. It's an opportune moment to shed layers of dependence and co-dependency, liberating ourselves from the need for external validation. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is then followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 9th, a powerful catalyst for new beginnings and self-assertion.


On a side note, I'm thrilled to extend a special invitation to join me for an online seminar where I will be talking about Jupiter's move into Gemini. Hosted by the Organisation of Professional Astrologers in Australia, we have me alongside three esteemed Australian astrologers, and we'll delve into the rest of the major changes for 2024. I will be personally talking about Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini, which is set to have profound effects on the collective and especially for our mutable signs. You will get so much from this seminar, whether you're a seasoned astrologer or simply a curious enthusiast. Only $15.00 to register and you can watch live, or later…even better consider becoming a member of OPA. Your support and presence would mean the world to us.


And last but not least, my astrology sessions are open for booking. If you're seeking guidance or clarity on your personal astrological journey into the new Astrological year or to review how the eclipse season may affect you,  I'm here to help navigate the currents. Head to



The Sun moves into Aries on March 20th Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time at 1.14pm. The Suns shift into Aires also marks the Vernal Equinox. On this day we have equal light and equal dark, making it a poignant time to contemplate balance, which indeed is really the whole theme for this Aries Season. Here, in the Southern Hemisphere, as the days begin to shorten, we bid adieu to the extended daylight, while our counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere revel in the lengthening days.

On the 22nd of March, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, moves into dreamy Pisces, infusing our actions with a touch of compassion and a hint of idealism. Mars in Pisces may infuse the typically assertive and action-oriented Aries energy with a more compassionate and introspective approach, potentially softening the usual aggression and encouraging a more nuanced approach to pursuing goals. Our energy levels might also fluctuate, mirroring the ebb and flow of Piscean tides, and our focus might turn towards serving others rather than solely pursuing our own ambitions. This gentle influence of Mars in Pisces is quite significant especially as the ruling planet of this eclipse season.

On March 25th, the spotlight falls on the scales of Libra as we experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra. So look to see where 5 degrees of Libra is in your chart as this is the area of life that this eclipse will activate.

Just we have been navigating the impact of the eclipse we then have Mercury turning retrograde on April 2nd. Mercury will be in Aries as it sojourns through its retrograde period and being in Aries rather than launching boldly into new endeavours, especially ones that centre around communication or messaging, it’s a time for review, reflection and perhaps even renegotiation in our relationships, given the overarching themes of this season. Patience and adaptability will be required of us now as Mercury will stay retrograde until April 25th 

Venus, the ruler of Libra, slips into its opposite sign of Aries on April 5th. This move might add a more passionate fuel to our relationships now, but also re emphasises the strong themes of this eclipse season, those focusing on how we relate, how we merge with another, where we may give too much of ourselves or not enough. Venus in Aries in this eclipse mix will help to stir up these themes just in time for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 9th.

With the Sun, Moon and Venus in Aries during this eclipse, the energy is ripe for exploring new beginnings and opportunities in both our personal growth and in how we ‘show up’ in relationship to another. This is a time of allowing ourselves to take on some bold initiative and courageous leaps of faith particularly around themes of how we assert and express ourselves, how we express and embrace our individuality and pursue our passions. There will be much more about the eclipses in upcoming posts.

So hold in we are in for quite a ride this Aries Season, a lot of energy, a lot of change but like all they ask is that we be prepared to let something go, that we surrender to being open to self-reflection in the areas activated by these Cardinal signs, that we allow ourselves to move forward rather than holding ourselves back, that we need to release and move in the direction the universe wants us to go in.  

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