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Leo Full Moon- Embrace Your Shining Power.

So here we are. Our first full moon post-Pluto’s move into Aquarius, whilst it is wide, the Sun in opposition to the Moon is still theoretically conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, adding an element of a new vibrational intensity potential to this full moon which any placements of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will most significantly feel.

To get your teeth into the majestic opportunity of this LEO FULL MOON.


Leo 2024 Full Moon Workbook
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This Full Moon, with the complex tapestry of energy from various aspects and with Uranus moving direct, calls for a balance between what is true in our heart that we need to express creatively and how we balance this with consciousness toward our contribution to the collective. 

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The Full Moon in Leo occurs on January 26th at 4.56 am AEDT and falls at 5 degrees of Leo. These fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel the greatest impact of this Full Moon, so look to see where 5 degrees of Leo falls in your chart to discover which area of life will be most activated now. The day after this Full Moon, Uranus, the ruler of our Sun in Aquarius, will turn direct. This will help us move forward and work toward expressing ourselves and what is in our hearts in its most authentic and creative ways. This alignment also implies that all planets will maintain direct motion until April 1st, offering us a more conducive energy to move forward and activate our goals. Mars and Mercury also form a harmonious trine energy to the ruler of the Sun, Uranus, which can positively infuse us with innovative energy, quick thinking, new ideas, assertiveness and a desire for change. Additionally, Jupiter in Taurus forms a square aspect with the Full Moon in Leo, and there is an influential presence of Pluto, newly situated in Aquarius.


Aquarius by nature, values the principle of the team, of collective, and even though they are highly individual, the energy is focused on ensuring inclusiveness where possible.

Leo, on the other hand, although very generous of spirit and heart, is more self-focused.

This full moon illuminates the polarity of the self vs the collective, personal objectives balancing with the group's objectives, the autocratic principle with the democratic principle. We are asked to consider and find balance between our most authentic self expression, ego elevation, seeking pleasure,delighting in romantic connections and a focus on finding some Aquarian objectivity, equilibrium and reconciling the dual needs of our personal and impersonal modes of self-expression, as well as the balance between romantic and

friendly connections. 


We may experience intensified emotions with the Moon in opposition to the Sun and Pluto in Aquarius, which could bring up themes of power dynamics in our relationships. The Leo Moon wants expression and recognition, but the opposition of Pluto in Aquarius seeks transformation toward real authenticity. So, this may bring forth themes of personal power, control and the need for authentic self-expression within social structures. 


At the heart of this Full Moon, however, we are illuminating our true selves, not that which others want us to be, but who we are at our most authentic core. With the Pluto Sun opposition we are invited to seek the depths of and to get real about about who we really are,

tap into our individuality, and express it with confidence. This is

a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and discover where we may have been holding back in transmuting old pains in the potential of discovering our real selves, of tapping into our creative power and self-expression in order to help shape our future realities in this new world order.

During this lunar phase, focusing on the heart's truth is advised. Set aside time for introspection, allowing yourself to listen to your heart and explore emotions that may have been avoided or suppressed.


This full moon offers us a beautiful opportunity to let go of anything that does not serve our ability to love ourselves and express who we are authentically. We are being asked to shine, put on our proverbial crowns, and take our places on our thrones, wherever possible.

We can use this full moon to propel us forward in becoming more self-aware and, with that showing up in our lives, willing and able to express ourselves truly. Equally, we learn to respect our own identity and the individual needs of others.

Where are you truly unique from others, and how do you go about showing this part of yourself to the world? What do you need to rebel against in order to find your

true voice?


We will need to be conscious, however, of the potential to possibly overdo Leo right now as we have Jupiter in Taurus making a challenging square energy to this Full Moon, which can exaggerate our connection with our emotional revelations. We may feel more extravagant, feel infused with heightened emotional expression, or go out and spend way too much money to make us feel good. All these potentials are on the cards right now, so watch any potential to go over the top with your emotional expression or, indeed, to go over the top with your spending.

This is undoubtedly the Full Moon to find out potential to love ourselves, that is for sure, but we are talking about finding this on a deep inner level, not by adoring ourselves in that expensive new designer outfit. This is superficial Leo, we want deep Leo right now.

Leo rules the heart, so this energy is all about connecting with what is in your heart, and expressing your heart's desires, love and wisdom. We can use this energy to get in touch with our love for ourselves and honour ourselves in the most beautiful of ways.

On the day of the full moon, do something that celebrates

you. Express your creativity, get in touch with your inner child, play a

little, whatever it takes to applaud you for you, is what Leo full moons are

lovely for.



Leo energy also reminds us to get in touch with the principle of pleasure, joy and fun. Leo is about play,accessing our inner child, having fun and coming to terms with allowing ourselves to experience pleasure and delight. 

How much fun have you been having lately? Where could you bring more joy into your life? When was the last time you did something completely pleasurable just for yourself? 

Use this time to bathe in the delights of being in your physical body, to laugh out loud and to have fun. So many of us don’t permit ourselves to let go, have fun, or dance like no one is watching. The Leo Moon reminds us to get in touch with this part of ourselves. Leo's energy is also associated with the ego. Is ego a dirty word? It depends on whether you use it or let it use you. Healthy ego can motivate our desire for action, self-expression, seeking and giving respect and love toward others. Still, we can become overly attached to seeking the approval of others to the degree that we are not our authentic selves. An unhealthy ego can colour how we show up in the world, where anything, including dramas, that gains attention is better than no attention. 

With full moons comes a time of release. This is an excellent time for releasing any ego wounds that no longer serve us. This is especially true if we hold ourselves back and don't offer our authentic selves to the world in fear of what others may think of us. 


Healthy Leo is extremely generous with their spirit. If you need someone to stand up for you, fight for you or shine a light on your brilliance, find someone with strong Leo in their chart. They will go above and beyond, but make sure you appreciate it; that is

all they need, appreciation. So, use this time to express your love and

gratitude for your tribe and people. Tell them how much you love them. Shower them with compliments ( especially if they have Leo in their chart). The full moon energy allows us to acknowledge, remind, and express our love for them. 

Therefore, we can also use this full moon to think about where in our lives we are being generous and where we could bring more generously into our lives and the lives of others. Consider this time as a period of self-awakening of sorts, which may manifest on a personal and collective level but is asking you to find your most authentic and radical way to shine.

Leo's energy also aligns with the archetypal qualities of the benevolent leader who leads with courage, empathy and honour. We are offered an opportunity to explore our role as leaders in whatever community or environment that may be for us. In any role of leading or influencing others, keeping our egos in check can be one of our greatest challenges. So we can use this Full Moon to think about what kind of leader we would really like to be, how we are leading and where we may see areas for improvement. 

During this full moon, align with the invitation to consider all we do with our heart, our need to be seen, our authentic self-expression, our need for love and how we go about attracting, earning and keeping it. Be mindful of where we may fall into patterns of control or unconscious ego-based behaviours that may prevent us from receiving the love we need. At the same time, this is a period to own our power and connect with our gifts and how we express them, a period to find our inner generosity of spirit and how that weaves into the betterment of the collective. 

And of course if you want to know how best to authentically activate Leo in your chart, book in for a personal astrology reading with me.



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