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Well, this is a very new phase we are in, our first New moon in Aquarius whilst Pluto is also in the sign. I don’t know about you, but I have certainly been feeling the ‘buzzy’ energy of not only this upcoming new moon but with the arrival of Mercury in Aquarius; I am finding sleep a little elusive…I have however been having some pretty wild ideas. I guess this is the point, we are in a wave of high energy, culminating with some dynamic interplay with the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus also being square this New Moon. So get ready for this buzzy energy to elevate the mind and perhaps even our nervous systems to some degree but the point is the stage is being set for a period of electrifying change and revolutionary insights both personally and collectively.

This new Moon is a taste of the rest of the month when we also have Mars and then Venus move into Aquarius, meeting up with Pluto along the way.


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The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 10th of February at 10.00 am in Australia. The Sun and The Moon in Aquarius join up at 20 degrees of Aquarius, affecting those of us with personal planets and between 17 to 25 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most.

This is a buzzy New Moon and sets the stage for more heightened Aquarius energy combined with Pluto also now in Aquarius,bringing us themes that motivate change, new insights, new ideas and even rebellion both personally and collectively.

This Aquarius season punctuated with this New Moon is an invitation for us to ask ourselves where we need to break free from convention or self-imposed restrictions and allow ourselves to feel more authentically ourselves and to indeed embrace freedom.

This is the ideal time to ask ourselves where we may want to cultivate more freedom in both our personal and professional lives. As with all New Moons, this is a time of setting intentions so we can use this New Moon to think about how we want to bring a greater sense of freedom into our lives.

It is worth being aware of the square aspect being formed by the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus as this energy during this New Moon amplifies the disruptive influence of Uranus in Taurus and we may both personally and collectively feel a compulsion toward breaking away from restraints, self imposed or otherwise and old structures that we feel are outdated and in the way. The energy is ripe with this configuration for rebellious feelings and may manifest internally, personally and within the collective. This can be an ideal time to consider and set intentions around how you may benefit from a fresh perspective or a break from tradition.

Ideas, innovation and sudden insights are also themes marked by this New Moon. We can really use the days around the New Moon to allow ourselves some blue sky time and to allow ideas to drop in, especially ideas that may feel a little whacky or out there. Don’t dismiss them, sit with your ideas right now and let them marinate for the seeds could be being planted for something genuinely innovative and revolutionary to grow. Spend some time thinking about the ideas or projects you are inspired to pursue and how you could bring them to fruition.

Aquarius energy and especially when being ignited by Uranus encourages us to embrace our most authentic selves. The word authentic gets thrown around a lot but it is important. Do you really know who you are, separate from who your parents, society, and family want you to be? Are you being true to yourself or pleasing others, and if so, at what cost? These are themes to consider during this New Moon.

We can use this time to think about setting intentions around how we may be able to step outside of our comfort zones and embark on the journey of real self-discovery

Uranus, by nature, is all about change, so themes of what may need changing can also come up now. Change is at the core of growth, they go hand in hand so this is an ideal time to examine how we approach and navigate change in our lives. Do we invite it in or resist it? This New Moon invites us to become friendlier with the idea of change, however uncomfortable it may feel, especially if that change leads us closer to who we really are.

Aquarius energy is also about the collective, human societies, tribes, friends and like-minded souls who share our passions. This is the time to embrace our tribe, to make efforts or intentions around discovering who your ‘people’ are. We all need others who can support us in our goals and aspirations, and this is one of the greatest assets of Aquarius energy- connecting us to others who help us grow, inspire us, and offer us a sense of belonging… long as it is in the right group however. So, we can use this time to explore how we can contribute positively to our community and society as a whole and, equally, how we may be able to foster greater collaboration with others whilst honouring our individuality.

Aquarius cares about the collective, the planet, the future of society and especially about those who are disenfranchised or marginalised. This is one of Aquarius energy’s most incredible superpowers. This is a time to consider what causes we might want to become more actively involved in and how we can use our voices to activate change.

Collectively I feel we can see sudden shifts in the status quo, unexpected breakthroughs in technology, or revolutions in social and political spheres, if nothing else then the collective will at least all be called upon to question existing norms and to embrace new ways of thinking.


Attempting to remain open to receptive to change is one of the keys for this New Moon as is finding the courage to embrace our uniqueness and be brave enough to bring it to the world.



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