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Media and Interviews

I have been lucky enough to feature on some special podcasts. Feel free to check them out or indeed if you are looking for an astrologer to feature on your podcast, feel free to get in touch

Finding your mojo pic.png

 Can Astrology help us discover our mojo, our soul purpose, our calling or even our ideal job and career?

In this podcast we explore how astrology can help us find and walk our path

This is a fun conversation full of great conversation and information. 

You will learn:

  • What is mojo

  • What are our soul archetypes?

  • What are the key Houses, Planets and Signatures that help to reveal our mojo in our natal chart?



Educational, inspirational, profound and fun!

This could be one of the most important podcasts you have listened to for a long time; it is multidimensional and rich, so you may want to listen to it more than once.

Heavenly Relationships is yet another uncommon conversation with my wonderful returning guest Dijana Dawe where we explore the everlasting topic of relationships from other than the usual perspectives.

Some of the key takeaways:

  • The 7 Golden Rules for a healthy relationship

  • The purpose of our relationships with others, whether they come into our life for a moment, for a day or forever, and how they help us in our personal growth

  • How to recognise karmic relationships

  • How astrology (the heavens) can help us understand and navigate our relationship

  • The key elements in the birth chart revealing the story of our relationships

  • How to create “heavenly” relationships and whether we actually want them to be perfect (a great metaphor of a climbing wall perfectly illustrates this point)

  • Is marriage an outdated (and a very expensive) concept

and more!

Dijana Ep2 -cover FINAL (002).jpg

Is your astrological birth chart the blueprint for your life? Can evolutionary astrology give you the answers you seek, revealing the hidden aspects of your soul journey? Can you change your destiny?

Astrologer Dijana Dawe explores the concept of our life experience as an iceberg, where we can see only a small tip of it while the rest is hidden beneath the surface of the water. 

Can evolutionary astrology reveal the invisible parts of our life and offer meaningful guidance for the future? Listen to find out

Dijana is back on Anxiety is Not Me to talk about how the moon and really understanding the Lunar Cycles can help us get a greater understanding of our moods, align our daily rituals and even menstrual cycles.

Listen to find out more

ANM pic 2.png
ANM Pic 1.png

Dijana Dawe from Aspect Astrology explains how the archetypal energies within our astrological charts can give us insights, wisdom and potential healing that can be a life-changing experience. We have a great conversation about the basics of astrology and what it can do for you

To find out more. Listen now

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