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Virgo New Moon: Spring Cleaning

The New Moon in Virgo occurs in Australia on September 15th at 11.40 am. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, most of us know we are experiencing some strange times. With seven planets in retrograde at the time of this New Moon and accompanying aspects to the Moon from Uranus and Neptune, we may spend the days either side of this lunation feeling some highs and lows.

I have indeed been witnessing some people really feeling the impact of so many planets in retrograde.

With this New Moon, it may still feel like we are on a roller coaster ride.

However, being in the sign of Virgo, we are reminded to reset, ground ourselves, take care of our physical and mental health and put some intentions in place for how we can move forward after this New Moon

This New Moon continues the feeling that our life is currently under review. Combined with the many retrograde planets, we are still circling, feeling like we are peddling perhaps but getting nowhere, like we are on an exercise bike; we keep moving but don’t go anywhere.

The good news is that after this New Moon, we begin to move forward as Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, moves direct the same day as this New Moon. We will hopefully feel this shift and find improved access to our mental, planning and communication faculties.

This New Moon will be aspected by Uranus, one of our many retrograde planets, and could make the ground beneath us feel a little less stable. Uranus likes to shake things up, and this can be a welcome energy, inspiring us with new and innovative ideas, especially around how we may want to approach the practical elements of our daily lives. On the flip side, given Uranus is still retrograde, we may feel our internal nervous system fire up.

For this reason, it is imperative to take special care of both our physical and mental health at this time.

Try to bring your focus to the practical ways you can ground yourself. I highly recommend going for a walk barefoot on the earth.

Neptune will also be coming into the equation of this New Moon, also in retrograde motion, which can draw us further into ourselves, our imaginations and intuitions but also into our illusions or delusions.

Some of us may feel like we are in a fog, and there may be some confusing elements surrounding us, so once again we are directed toward our inner realms, our inner wisdom.

Try to tap into this energy and perhaps float around in it for a while but note that we are probably best advised not to make major emotional decisions right now if we can avoid it. The most positive way to use this energy is to allow what comes up without too much attachment. Once our planets move forward again, we will gain more clarity and can begin to put some of the ideas and musings we may have had during this New Moon into action.

Given that the New Moon is in Virgo's sign, we are being asked to become more discerning. Virgo, in opposition to Pisces, offers us the powers of learning to create boundaries and to activate where we may need to set intentions around being more discriminating.

This New Moon can allow us to consider where we may need to become more practical and forthright around who we allow into our orbit.

This is a favourable time for thinking about where you may need to be more discerning in your daily life, in who you let into your life and how you deal with the influences of others or anything that brings toxicity into your life.

Virgo as energy is also about purifying, so this can be an excellent time to set new intentions around mental and physical health regimes.

'As an earth sign, I often consider Virgo energy as the archetypal herbalist or green witch-sourcing remedies for what ails us from nature around us.

This is an excellent time to set intentions around your physical and mental health and how nutrition and our diet can play a role in that.

Self-care is a theme here and can include the routines and rituals we incorporate into our daily lives. Freeing ourselves from overwhelming clutter and chaos can start in just the simplest of ways, one step at a time.

This is a brilliant time for a genuine spring clean on both a physical and mental level.

What needs to be thrown out and what needs to be brought in? What intentions can you set to help you feel more in control of your daily life and routines?

What can you do right now to bring in new routines and rituals that will improve your daily circumstances?

Remember, due to so many retrograde planets, don’t act too quickly; use this New Moon to come up with your new ideas but wait at least for a few days before putting things into action.

Mercury goes direct on the same day as this New Moon, but we will still be in a shadow period for a while. You may feel the impetus to move forward again from the 17th of September.

So hold on things will feel better after Mercury gets going again.


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