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The Sign of Pisces. Exploration of Pisces Energy

Pisces may be the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac; even Pisces themselves may not fully understand this etheric,nebulous, creative and compassionate energy.

In the zodiac, Pisces is the last of the signs, the end of a cycle. Material and earth matters often seem to be of less importance than finding a higher purpose, accessing the world beyond the physical.

The Pisces glyph represents two fishes swimming in opposite directions, one downstream and the other moving upstream. This duality is a good representative of this water sign's mutability. These opposite natures can choose the high road or the low road, move with the current or swim against it, and choose to live in the "real" or the ethereal world. The challenge for Pisces is to merge the two and integrate both parts of this contrary nature, which is not necessarily easy.

Pisces energy I feel is the hardest to pin down. Those with Pisces strong in their chart sometimes take on far greater attributes of other energies of their astrological makeup ( perhaps more their moon or rising sign, for example). This is because Pisces' innate mutable, flowing energy can merge and dissolve with other energies, making them the multi-faceted chameleon of the zodiac.

Pisces is all things "otherwordly" by this, I mean associated and attributed to qualities that are not necessarily energies we can easily define. Pisces is mystical, sensitive, intuitive, creative, artistic, musical, compassionate, spiritual, empathetic and often operates from a deep unconscious emotional level. They are happiest when they don't have to face the harsh realities of everyday life and can find solitude and a peaceful environment to recharge their batteries literally.

On the flip side, Pisces can also be manipulative, controlling, prone to martyrdom, deceptive to themselves and others. They can become overly concerned with others thoughts, feelings and emotions, hypersensitive and prone to addictive and escapist tendencies. They can be overwhelmed by their own emotions, causing them problems in expressing their feelings constructively and healthily.

One of Pisces' greatest challenges is understanding that they are the most free-flowing and psychic of energies. They unconsciously take on other peoples energies physically and psychically. This causes mood changes depending on the energies they pick up and can certainly lead them to feel confused about what they want, who they are, and what they want to focus on. As a result, they can scatter their energies.

Being aware of this attribute is absolutely necessary to attempt to determine what is theirs and what is not. If they're unable to do this they have trouble defining themselves, and the 'real world can become overwhelming. They either retreat to their private world or take themselves out of reality via drug and alcohol abuse. Pisces are associated with addictive tendencies, including people, gambling, sex, and work.

The challenge is to know their limits, set personal boundaries and tap into the other realms ruled by Pisces. This includes music, art, spirituality, fashion, beauty, fantasy movies, books, photography. Creative expression is essential for Pisces, so they must find time to pursue their creative desires.

Because they are so emotionally in tune, they have a huge amount of empathy. They are often found in the healing professions, whether toward people, animals or the environment; they must feel as though they are helping and doing something good and of purpose in the world.

Their ability to "merge" also makes them excellent actors both on stage and in real life. They can play any part as they can "read" people and invisible energies. When they are doing this consciously, this is a great attribute. When they are not and take on roles to please others, it can become extremely tiring and damaging to their mental health.

At their best, they are incredibly compassionate, sensitive, loving, passive, peaceful, caring, creative and inspirational. At their worst, they lack boundaries, are vague daydreamers, lazy, addictive, manipulative and confused.

Like the two fish swimming in opposite directions, these polarities can be very tricky to manage, so they must learn to define and stick to their boundaries and healthily nurture themselves. They need to retreat when necessary and allow their imagination to run off and bring forth creative inspiration.

Attempts to get others to understand how the Pisces energy works can be challenging as others often don't "get it." This can lead to feelings of guilt and shame when they cannot legitimately meet others' expectations. It isn't very easy when they are overwhelmed and need space, time and peace before they can re-enter the world.

There are many people with strong Piscean energy who can function just fine in the world. They can use their creative gifts constructively. They are empathetic and kind, loving and understanding and often able to see a situation from many perspectives. An emotionally intelligent Pisces is a beautiful thing and very much needed in our world. These people are the creative inspirationists, the healers and are often found in jobs associated with the sign.

Embracing some of the qualities of their oppositive sign Virgo is essential for a healthy life. Daily routines, managing their health and grounding themselves in nature are vital for Pisces to function on the earth healthily and constructively.

Having strong Pisces energy can manifest in one's astrology via the Sun sign, Moon Sign or Rising sign, or a strongly placed ruling planet, Neptune. One or more of these attributes will need to be integrated into the rest of the chart.

To discover how and where Pisces energy is working for or against you please contact me with any questions.


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