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Sun Moves into Leo. Have some Fun

Happy Leo season all.

I for one, love this time. We get to play, have fun, access our inner child and love with a huge heart. The Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd and the following day we have the first of two full moons in Aquarius.

Following on from Cancer season, Leo season shifts our energy out of the inward-facing, nurturing, sleepy Cancer energy into Leo's energetic and creative firey energy. If we were not in lockdown where I live right now, I would be saying, get on your dancing shoes, it's time to play, dance, shine and express your authentic self in all its glory……alas, it looks like I might be stuck dancing in my lounge room…again.

We experience the first of two full moons almost immediately as the Sun moves into Leo, with the moon moving in opposition in the sign of Aquarius on the following day, August 24th. This full moon asks us to evaluate our authentic selves and how we fit into the collective.

See my specific post about the Aquarius full moon to learn how to work with these energies. For the sake of this blog, I am sticking to what's in store for the rest of Leo season.

Traditionally Leo season sees us bathing in creative pursuits, feeling vital, energetic, creative and playful. Leo rules the heart, so this is often a season of passion, warmth and generosity of spirit.

If there are creative pursuits you need to focus on, this is the time to do so. Leo energy needs to feel appreciated, so this is a great time to review how you appreciate, applaud, and honour yourself and others. Are you shinning in the areas in which you want to be shining in, whatever they may be for you?

Leo season is an excellent time for tapping into our heart and checking in on both physical and emotional levels. Are we giving enough love to ourselves? Are we looking after our hearts and hearts desires? Spend some time in Leo season tapping into the heart.

Leadership is another area ruled by Leo. Leo energy is not afraid to be on the stage; whatever that

stage maybe, it might simply be an area of life in which you shine or want to shine. Whatever it is, this is an excellent time for honing one's leadership skills and checking in whether you are leading from a place of authenticity and love or from ego and a need to be noticed and applauded? Both fall into Leo camps but end up expressing themselves in very different ways. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a need to be noticed and loving the applause you may receive; you just don't want to fall into the Leo trap of relying on it.

At a very fundamental level, Leo is about fun. Are you having enough fun in your life? The last few years have been very serious, and many of us may have forgotten what it is like to let our hair down and have some fun. Whatever fun looks like in your life, this is the time to make sure you have a lot of it. Be silly, play, dance, be joyous and connect with your inner child; they may have been missing you. How are you going about authentically expressing yourself?

In early August, we may feel the Leo light shining a little dimmer as Saturn makes an opposition to the Sun. Saturn in Aquarius opposite the Sun will ask us if we are going about expressing ourselves authentically; it will insist we cut any bullshit and face ourselves directly. At the same time, Saturn here can help us achieve some self-discipline, and self-control which may come in handy if we are undertaking some creative projects.

Following up closely behind, on August 7th, the Sun is met by a square from Uranus in Taurus. This may manifest as a struggle of wills between what you want to do and what others may suddenly ask of you. Unexpected changes could upset the apple cart, and you may find yourself digging your heels in and stubbornly refusing to budge. If this is the case, it is wise to ask what you are stubborn about and why. On the plus side, this placing may also offer sudden new ideas and insights that you can work toward integrating creatively.

The Leo energy will be turned up around August 9th when we meet the new moon in Leo, offering us the opportunity to set new goals and intentions around the areas of creative self-expression.

Jupiter adds an element of restlessness to the suns energy from August 13th until we are well into

Virgo times. We need to be careful not to overdo things during this time, as Jupiter's propensity is to do things to excess, not knowing when enough is enough. We should be careful of not overinflating our Leo egos and trying to keep things in moderation. Balance is also the key between what we want and what the collective or society is asking of us. The second full moon in Aqaurius comes and sits next to Jupiter in opposition to the Sun in Leo on August 22nd. This will add a flavour of expansion and opportunity to our emotions

The end of Leo season is punctuated with the second full moon in the sign of Aquarius where we can review what we learned during the first Aquarian full moon. How authentically are we showing up in the world?


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