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Virgo Season: Life in Review

Welcome to Virgo Season. For this season, the vibe is very much life under review as we have an abundance of planets in retrograde, including Virgo's ruling planet Mercury. This is a delicious time to review your life and gain some new perspective.

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On August 23rd we move from the firey sign of Leo into earthy, practical Virgo. This Virgo season may, however, feel different to others. We have the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury turning retrograde on the same day as the Sun moves into Virgo.

We may feel a fundamental shift away from the outward-flowing expressive energy of Leo toward a more introspective vibe.

This is especially accentuated as not only will Mercury be retrograde until the 15th, Venus is still retrograde until the 4th, and many if not all, the outer planets are either already retrograde or about to be.

This really means that we are more likely to feel the energies of this Virgo season in a more self-aware, reflective fashion; much more may be up for review, re-assessment and even renegotiation. This is not necessarily a time of doing, but more of going in and reviewing.

The theme this month, from my view, is to try not to push against the tide of what you may be feeling but to learn to go with the flow to tap into the opposite sign of Virgo, Pisces and relinquish some need for control and let the season play out as it will without trying to fight or control the energy.

Feelings of frustration may be prevalent around the 28th. Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus and the Sun forms an opposition to Saturn.

For a few days around this time, we may feel frustrated in our efforts to achieve our goals. We may feel restricted and come up against some roadblocks.

This is more of a time to look within and get in touch with the roadblocks we may place on ourselves, especially regarding areas surrounding how we approach the practical elements of our daily life.

On August 30th we will be asked to look for a balance between how we manage our practical and spiritual lives, as we experience the Full Moon in the watery sign of Pisces.

This duality revolves around service, how we serve ourselves, others and our spiritual life. This Full Moon period may offer us a time to reflect on where we may be over striving, analysing, exerting too much control and instead relaxing into a simpler path, letting go and surrendering to what is unfolding before us.

Virgo likes to carefully control, plan, strategise and execute the path to reach its goals.

However, This Virgo season may be harder to get a grip on accomplishing our goals. With so many planets in retrograde, this season is about taking stock, reviewing and re-assessing the Virgo-associated themes in our life, like our health, daily routines and work.

Rather than pushing forward, this Virgo season is all about review. Consider this your annual review period.

On September 4th there will be some relief, however, as Venus turns direct in Leo.

Venus has been retrograde for quite some time and has been a very focused period on our current and past relationships. We will now have more energy to activate and put into action what may have come up for us whilst Venus was retrograde. More than anything, we should be able to harness more self-value, self-love and appreciation.

The themes of self-love and growth may be emphasised on the 5th when Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus. This can be a time to review once again our philosophies around how we use our material resources, including money and again to look within for new perspectives or beliefs that may be emerging around these themes.

We can move forward again, especially after September 15th, when Mercury turns direct.

This can be a positive time to put into action some of the aspects of life that have been under review whilst Mercury and many other planets have been retrograde.

This day also coincides with the New Moon in Virgo, a poignant time to now harness all things Virgo and put our plans into action, set some new intentions and get planning.

Virgo energy often gets a bad wrap in popular sun sign astrology for being the detailed, overly organised, nit-picky, critical zodiac sign. It is true, Virgo expressed in its most unconscious manifestation can very well behave like this, but at its core, Virgo is a sign that wants to improve. This energy has a critical eye, and they view the world from the lenses of being able to see what is wrong, with a genuine desire to improve it.

Virgo is a sign most willing to grow within themselves, always looking for a way to better themselves and the environment around them. Considering this, this is the season to review our lives on a practical, everyday level. This includes our health, our daily routines, the little details and of course getting organised. However, this season we may feel like there is a veil over our traditional organised Virgo energy. Where our heads may be willing, our energy may not be able to match our desires to sort, sift and organise our lives.

Virgo season offers is an excellent time to review our work life, where we may be exerting too much control in our life and our daily habits that can be affecting our physical and mental health and how we may be able to make some positive changes, especially around the New Moon period.

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