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Sagittarius Full Moon- take a walk on the wild side

As I write this I am in the middle of packing my bags to head off once again overseas. As you read this I am either on a plane or have just landed, but I have made the effort to create a Sagittarian Full Moon Workbook for you to download for FREE via the link in the bio. Special bonus if you have your natal moon in Sagittarius, as there is a special section just for you, so check it out.

Sagittarius Full Moon 2023 Workbook
Download PDF • 32.88MB

The years of lockdown made this Sagittarius promise that I would travel at least once a year, and so off we go again on the very day that Mars also makes a conjunction to my natal Jupiter in Leo. This time it is Ireland, Amsterdam for a conference that my partner needs to attend and then off to Southern Spain. It never ceases to amaze me how the symbology of astrology plays out in my life, even when I am not trying…. Ok, I may have been a little conscious of the fact that we would be arriving in Dublin for the Saggie Full Moon.

So how are you planning on expanding your horizons for the Full Moon?

We can really work with this Full Moon to inject ourselves with a dose of hope, forward thinking and optimism as well as some poignant questions to answer, such as How are we feeding and expanding our minds, thinking and belief systems? And worth noting that this is the first full moon in Sag since 2019 that has NOT been an eclipse, so the intensity is less, albeit a few interesting aspects to weave through, but we should be able to have some fun with this and check in with our beliefs.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs 0n the 4th of June at 1.42pm in Australia and on the 3rd of June at 11.42pm EDT US.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker and astrologically influences how we structure our belief systems, philosophies, and ideas and how we approach our personal growth. In this regard, the full moon energy alone asks us to look at our belief systems, our relationship with our spirituality, our perspectives, and at a base level, what we believe to be true. These are connected in that each one, in its way broadens the mind to take in new ideas, and new experiences and ultimately assists us in understanding the world and our place in it.

This is a period of letting go of what no longer serves you or what is no longer accurate in your belief, philosophical and truth systems.

This full moon is about looking at the 'shoulds' we all surround ourselves with. It's about looking at the belief or spiritual structures we are told to believe by our family; for example, it's about examining our judgement of ourselves and others and determining if these still serve us.

It can be a time of opening up and facing those things we have been afraid to confront or what we have been afraid of doing for fear of doing the wrong things in the eyes of others. This is very much a time of expanding our vision, expanding our ideas and philosophies, opening up to new possibilities and allowing ourselves permission to grow: growth by education, growth by travel whatever it may be that can expose us to new and exciting ideas and broadens our horizons.

Judgement and living via others' expectations shuts down growth, and Sagittarius energy needs to grow continually.

Broadening the mind via new experiences is one of Sagittarius greatest strengths, this is a period of dreaming about how we might want to do this and letting go of what may be holding us back?

Exploring broader pastures, going on an adventure, expanding your awareness and discovering what brings meaning to your life and what it is that makes life really worth living? This is a time to think about taking the road less travelled, about taking the scenic route, venturing out without a plan and letting be what will be. Sagittarius energy hates rigidity, has a disdain for routine and yearns to be wild and free.

This is a beautiful opportunity to let go of any belief structure that may hold us back in our personal growth and expansion.

Do we perhaps yearn to travel but let fear get in the way? Explore what this fear is really about and use this full moon energy to let that go.

What are we inputting into our minds each day? Is the information we consume helping us grow as a person or filling us with rubbish, comparisons, trivia that does nothing toward nurturing our soul growth.

What input of information do you no longer need?

The Sun and Moon are harmonious with Mars in Leo during this full moon, which can really fire up our energy, optimism and ability to have Fun. All 3 signs, Gemini, Sag and Leo love a bit of fun, of tapping into our inner child and letting our hair down a little. This is a great time to let go of anything that holds you back from having some fun, of connecting with your inner child and letting go for a bit. With aspects from Saturn in Pisces, we may also find a real pull to get serious about our philosophy and our spirituality and we can also use this full moon to question the structures or disciplines we put in place around our spirituality and indeed our belief systems. This is an excellent period for letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us

The aspect from Saturn may challenge us to ground ourselves and apply some practical applications in our life right now. There may be a feeling of push-pull especially for parts of our lives we may want to let go of now. Saturn likes to remind us about the realities of a situation but can also allow us to stay restricted in our thinking, so this is something to be aware of

Sagittarius' ultimate endpoint is always to find meaning in life- meaning in both the most minor and most significant ways. Use this time to assess what brings real meaning to your life… for now… as this process is ever-evolving as we traverse life's path. One day you are convinced you have the meaning of life all worked out, only to have an event or circumstance propelling you toward a completely different truth and meaning; the process is endless.


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