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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Dare to Dream

This new moon solar eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius occurs in Australia

on December 4th at 5.30 pm. It is the last in the Sag Gemini axis that we have been experiencing for a while and like all New Moons this one shines a spot light on new beginnings, but elevates and extends the opportunities to bring forth major change encompassing all those yummy Sagittarius traits.

This is a significant period of completion especially of work you may have been doing on yourself and particularly spiritual work where you have been seeking answers, aligning to wisdoms you have been contemplating. Now with this New moon solar eclipse, the Sag energy being about expansion and freedom, you are being asked to make way for the integration of new wisdom in a new way in your life. This period gives us an opportunity to take stock of what we have learned and contemplate whether we feel we have fulfilled part of a karmic destiny, a period which now, could be coming to an end in order to be making way for a totally new paradigm and shift. Are you free from the past conditions that have been holding you back? Have you been doing the work that paves the way for a new sense of freedom, expansion and growth to come into your world now? Can you let go of the lessons you have been working on. This is very much about being able to see how far you have come and to acknowledge where there still may be work to do.

Sag energy is a lot about faith, faith in the universe, in spirit, in whatever you call it, that gives your life meaning and direction. Sag energy being about faith, right now can enable you to embark on a new path with faith that al will be ok. With the Sag energy being amplified by the solar eclipse we are not only needing to find faith but also the willingness to be vulnerable and openness to connect yourself to your future, that what lies ahead will be. Trusting that what is coming for you is right for you, even if you don’t know what that is yet

Even though this is a new moon and a period in which we typically look forward and set new intentions, this new moon offers us the opportunity to assess and take stock of how our belief structures have or have not served us. How have we been shaped by our upbringing, the media, information and misinformation? How have we navigated the path that we have walked down to arrive at our version of the truth?

Belief, is a big energy for Sag, but with it can come blind belief. Where we are blinkered and not seeing the forest for the trees. The new moon I feel can be used to help us take off our blinkers for a moment, take a a good look around and see what you may not have seen in the past, see a new way, an opportunity to learn something new, a chance to integrate new philosophies into your belief structures that will take you forward in a positive and uplifting way. This can be applied to any areas of your life, to how we have built up our beliefs about money, to how we believe our political systems should work. Whatever it is, take this time to look at where we have just accepted things and not given an area of our life due diligence in making sure we have all the facts. How can you examine your philosophies with new eyes? How could this potentially offer you more freedom? Freedom from any stubbornly held beliefs that could be restricting you. What new philosophies could you integrate into a forward moving and positive path into your life? What do you believe is possible for you that you have not dared to believe before?

On a more mundane level use this new moon energy to do some blue sky brainstorming and define your big picture goals for the coming year. This is an excellent time to perhaps actively meditate on what you would like to manifest for yourself in the upcoming year, becoming clear on your big picture visions for your future. Start dreaming, you don’t need to get into the detail yet, we will have time for that with the full moon in Gemini and when the sun moves into Capricorn. This period does not require the details, this is about dreaming about what is possible. What is new, what could be interesting, what you could look toward learning. One of the favourite things I like to say is that the only real planning we should be doing is to be ready willing able to see new opportunities when they arise and jump on them if they are right for us. We should feel more able to take risks where we may not have in the past, We are supported with a positive aspect from Saturn in Aquarius during this new moon phase. This should enable us to get clear and see how we can manifest our dreams in practical ways

Sag loves to learn, to explore, to expand awareness and this is very much what this energy is asking of us at the moment, to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones in the hope that once we do we will find an enlightening part of ourselves we maybe didn’t know exist. We may learn something about others that we never knew, or could we learn something about the world and our place in it that offers us new insight and meaning. We have all had challenges to our sense of freedom and what freedom means to us. For now, in Australia at least we are free again, free to explore, to venture into new terrain, free to relax and let our minds wonder. I am literally going on holidays, venturing interstate with dear friends, our caravan, and a huge sense of adventure to explore new places both internally and externally. I hope for you all, the same.


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