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New Moon in Taurus

The new moon occurs in the sign of Taurus on May 10th 11.25 am Australian Eastern Standard time.

Fundamentally this is a pretty chilled new moon. There are no significant hard aspects to this new moon in Taurus, and so it is a pretty straight forward, stay calm and carry on new moon, which will be in contrast to the upcoming lunar eclipse blood full moon in Sagittarius toward the end of the month. So take advantage of this time to recharge your batteries, chill and enjoy the slower pace of life

The energy should be relatively pleasant, calm and stable- all those lovely Taurean qualities. Accentuating the suns energy in Taurus, this new moon highlights our base nature selves, those things that make us feel secure, grounded, in touch with our physical senses and the practical realities of everyday life.

The new moon is always about setting intentions and beginning new cycles. This new moon in Taurus is an excellent time to get ones finances under control, start a new saving scheme, reassess how money and resources are working for you, or against you and make the relevant changes required.

Taurus is also about pleasure-seeking, so use this time to indulge your senses, whether it be

receiving a massage, eating delicious food, playing beautiful music or simply enjoying nature and grounding yourself in the here and now.

Taurus is also about being real, being in the world with your feet firmly planted on the ground; therefore, one can use this new moon energy for any practical, focused goals.

The ruler of Taurus Venus has moved into the sign of Gemini along with Mercury just before the new moon. This energy is playful and fun, chatty and communicative and adds a dimension of fun and frivolity to this new moon energy. Mercury will also be making trine energy with Saturn just after the new moon. This energy will be excellent for any practical decision making you may need to undertake. It is suitable for getting life admin and paperwork done or formalising

an agreement. Whereas we all recognise the chaos we experience when Mercury is retrograde, this period is the exact opposite; this all about things working, flowing at a sure and steady pace. It is not a fast, just get it done energy, it's more slow and stead wins the race. Anything that needs perseverance will benefit during this transit.

A few days after the new moon, we get a preview of some beautiful energy that will be occurring mostly throughout 2022. Jupiter moves out of Aquarius for a little while, and into Pisces, where it stays only until July 28th, then it goes back into Aquarius. In late December, it moves back into Pisces for most of 2022. This is a significant shift in energy from having Jupiter transit through Capricorn for most of 2020 and Aquarius for most of this year. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and in watery Pisces, it will focus

on emotional connection. Particularly after so many restrictions, this will be like a breath of fresh air, time of connection, and reconnection for many, for the free flow of love and then broadening horizons. For those with sun, moon or ascendant in mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces this bring opportunities especially for spiritual growth, expansion and compassion

On the flip side, this energy can lead us down the path of escapism and self-deception so be wary of moving down that path

Enjoy the rest of this Taurus energy, and make the most in setting some solid, grounded practical plans and intentions that you can reap the rewards of in about two weeks after the next full moon.

If you have any questions about this new moon, please get in touch via DM or e mail If you are interested in discovering more about your personal astrology and would like to book a chart reading consultation go to


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