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New Moon in Libra. Oct 6th. Energy Shift

We are in for a bit of a ride, a rather potent energy shift beginning with this new moon in Libra at 9.40 pm on October 6th in Australia.

When we think of Libra, we usually think of the harmonious, peaceful, loving energy of the sign that rules love and balance, and it is true this is what Libra rules. Similarly, with a new moon, we are offered the opportunity to set new intentions in alignment with the sign's energy that both the sun and moon are in. So on a personal level, we could be thinking that this new moon will offer us an opportunity to set and or reset our intentions around relationships. This is an excellent intention for this new moon; however, we also need to be aware of the accompanying aspects and influences occurring around this particular new moon to fully understand how to work with and harness the energies as productively as possible.

To begin, we need to set up the scene of the energies coinciding around this new moon.

We have had up to seven, including Mercury, of our celestial bodies in retrograde motion, meaning they appear to move backwards in the sky. In a nutshell, symbolically, this has seen us all focus more in a reflective, inward-looking fashion. Of course, many of us have had no choice if you currently live in Melbourne, the city with the most prolonged ever lockdown. Despite this, the energy is more internalised, offering us the opportunity to delve deep within, do some inner work and potentially be less able to harness the energetic principles of the planets involved positively. From October, this is all going to change. We are about to embark on an energetic domino effect of the planets now turning to a forward motion.

On October 6th, the day of the new moon, the dance begins with Pluto stationing and then turning direct on the same day. Pluto has been in retrograde since April this year. Now Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, which rules our structures, our rules, our governmental bodies and of course, our collective responsibilities. While Pluto was retrograde, we were more likely to internalise these principles and think deeply about the establishment and its meaning, especially as they have been making so many new rules on our behalf. However, now as Pluto begins to move forward again, we are more likely to see the impact of Pluto on these areas.

Pluto rules power, control and, of course, transformation. We could well see an acceleration of power plays and control dramas play out within our governing institutions and the public's reactions in response.

Libra is also a sign that rules justice, fairness and the law, seeking to ensure balance and equity are in place. With this new moon, we could well see accelerated collective energy for justice and fairness, and in combination with Pluto, it could become messy and rather intense. This new moon is also opposing Chiron so the energy may be significantly focused on bringing up any wounds we have been holding onto and healing any injustices we have felt. With Saturn then turning direct on the 10th, followed by Jupiter on the 17th and Mercury the following day, this new moon begins the trajectory of a fundamental energy shift, one that we will all feel potently, I believe. I feel all of the polarities we have been witnessing all year will come to a head, but we will be moving forward again in one way or another.

Now on a more personal level and to work with the new moon, there are a couple of critical considerations. The Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are all in the sign of Libra and in opposition to Chiron, the body of wounding and healing. This accentuates the fight for fairness and justice. With Mars here as well, our energy may well feel like any injustices that have been done to us, primarily via our past or present relationships, need to heal. As it is a new moon, we can use this energy to set new intentions of how we wish to be treated or how we want to treat others in the future now. Suppose there are imbalances in your current or past relationships and wounds you are still holding onto. In that case, this is the time to set new boundaries for the future, ignite new ways of participating in relationships and communicate more clearly with others. This is a time in which we can take charge of negotiating what our future relationships should and could look like.

Wherever you feel any imbalance or injustice in your life, this is the period to work toward finding a new balance.

Traditionally, when Mars is in Libra, it is in its fall, meaning it does not function as well as it could. However, these interpretations were written so long ago that it doesn't consider how hard we must sometimes fight for our modern relationships, for our partnerships to work. To me, Mars in Libra is the relationship counsellor, the active negotiator or diplomat, working hard to balance both sides of any perspective. Therefore, if you need to set any new intentions around how you negotiate for yourself or others, this is the time to do so.

This is also a time to think about seeing and understanding both sides of any situation. With so much polarity around us, taking time during this new moon to give time and energy to the other's perspective can be an excellent way to work with this new moon.

Where is your life out of balance, and what can you do now to bring more balance into your life? Libra is absolutely about seeking, finding and integrating any emotional imbalances and learning how to find calm amongst the chaos around us. One way in which Libra brings serenity into their lives is by bringing beauty into it. This is an excellent new moon for beginning a new artistic project or doing anything that brings more beauty and calm into one's life, whatever that may look like for you. Beauty brings with it a sense of calm. Buy or cut those spring flowers and get them into the house as a representation of beauty, calm and inner peace.

Libra's reputation for indecisiveness stems from their need and propensity to see both sides of any situation. This can drive us crazy at times, but their decision-making process must consider all options. Equally, one can use this new moon to help you consider all your options if you are cross roads or need to make an important decision. In true Libran fashion, write down all the pros an

d all the cons, meditate on it during the new moon, and hopefully, the decision will come

However, there is a tricky aspect with Uranus during this new moon, so we do need to ensure we don't react too quickly or dramatically. You may feel the energy shift significantly and feel a bit impulsive with the desire to act on your decision. Just wait a little while, perhaps wait a few days until after the new moon to act. Make sure you are still happy with what you have decided.

With this energy, there is the potential for unexpected events or things to come up from out of the blue; this may be especially so in the area of our relationships; it could manifest as a tricky squabble or miscommunications.

As we pass from this new moon, we will feel the energy turn again when Saturn goes direct on the 10th, Jupiter on the 17th and Mercury on the 18th. These days will be significant to manifest or enact our intentions set on this new moon.

I hope you find balance, harmony, peace, beauty and love during this new moon and set beautiful intentions around these areas of your life to take you through to the next full moon in Aries on the 20th.


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