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Full Moon in Capricorn- Work Life Balance. June 25th

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The Full Moon occurs in Australia on June 25th at 3.00am Australian Eastern Standard Time

This is the full Moon of work-life balance, asking us to stop and assess how well we are doing in both areas of our lives and ensuring these polarities are in harmony.

The Sun has moved into Cancer, the sign that rules our inner life, our homes, our family, where and how we nurture ourselves and others. The Moon in Capricorn in opposition represents our outer

worlds, how we approach our responsibilities, our careers, our public standing and or reputation.

These are some of the traditional meanings of Cancer and Capricorn but on an inner level, these energies can reveal much more about how our inner world affects and influences our outer world and vice versa.

Cancer is indeed a water sign, it is emotive, deep, reflective, protective, caring and works on the feeling realms. The Moon is ruled by Cancer, which provides us with a glimpse of how this energy works, it is changeable, sometimes moody, ebbing and flowing, like the tides, but it is also nurturing, caring, introspective and very often family-focused. Family of course, can mean more than our biological family. Family are the people with whom we intimately share our lives, those who know us, warts and all, those whom we build our sense of security and stability around, those on whom we depend emotionally.

On the flip side, Capricorn as energy is very much about not 'needing' anyone, standing on one's own two feet, growing up, meeting the outer world and functioning in the public sphere but learning to not 'need' anyone's approval. Capricorn needs to work with integrity to better the self in achieving something real in the world, reflecting their values, that can be of benefit to others and ultimately to themselves.

In Australia, we are in the middle of the year, having just passed the shortest day of the year with the winter solstice happening just prior this full Moon. This is time to stop and reflect on how we are travelling. We begin the year with the Sun in Capricorn and the first full Moon in Cancer. We set up our goals for the year, our resolutions, very much in line with Capricorns energy of planning, goal setting, achieving. Now in reverse, this full Moon asks us on one level to review and make any changes we may need to make to our priorities, our goals and ambitions.

Given it is a full moon, we need to examine what areas in our home and outer lives are illuminated now? How are our plans working out, what do we need to achieve or commit to on a practical level?

The full Moon is always a time of releasing what no longer serves us. Working with this energy, we can review and release anything that could be holding us back from achieving our outer world ambitions.

Are we holding ourselves back, and if so, why. Are we too locked into pleasing our family, perhaps and not forging ahead in fear of keeping them happy? Capricorn is also very much about responsibility and being dutiful, but this is a time of reviewing whether we are too dutiful and responsible or not enough.

Capricorn is also about growing up, standing on our own two feet, so this may be a time to come to terms with that very notion and make changes that enable us to be more independent, less reliant on others, and face our realities.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which approximately ten days before this full Moon, makes

an exact square to Uranus. This combination is strong throughout the entire year, with three direct hits, one in Feb, the one we just experienced in June and another in December.

Saturn being emphasised by this full Moon, is serious and heavy and currently asks us to reassess where we may have taken on too much, worked too hard, over committed ourselves and what we can shed and release to free us up. A reality check is all about reassessing our priorities and possibly setting new goals and new commitments.

The good news is that Mercury is now direct, out of retrograde, and making harmonious energy to Saturn. This will enable us to think more clearly about what we want for the rest of the year and plan how we will put any new ideas or goals into action.

Jupiter also supports us in Pisces, which is making harmonious energy to both the Moon and the Sun during the full Moon. This will enable us to gain wisdom, bring deeper meaning to what we are currently experiencing, or simply allow us to go with the flow, perhaps slow down a little and recuperate as we approach the year's halfway point.

Now we also have had Mars move into the sign of Leo, and around the beginning of July, Mars will be in opposition to Saturn, the ruler of this full Moon. This might throw us some push-pull energy about how we want to go about setting our new priorities, as Mars in Leo can be very much about doing things our way and forging ahead. However, as it comes into play with Saturn, we may be forced to stop and think about how our actions may affect others and how our actions may affect our everyday responsibilities. In one way or another, we may need to pause and review. We may receive pushback from an authoritative figure in our lives, such as a boss. Either way, we are being asked to pause and make sure we have all our ducks in a row before moving ahead. In the long run, this is probably a good thing but can feel very frustrating, especially in early July, Mars will also make a square energy to Uranus, whilst in opposition still to Saturn. This energy can shake things up a bit; it might manifest as unexpected events or a feeling of wanting to break free, of being somewhat reckless, hyperactive. I believe it is essential to be cautious, though as we may feel impulsive and impatient, taking more significant risks, making us more prone to injury and carelessness. Meanwhile, Saturn is saying Ummm, no, if you get into the Ferrari, so to speak, drive it with the handbrake on.

Following this we then get the dance of Venus in Cancer, making opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Cancer can represent the women in our lives, as Venus is an archetypal feminine energy and so is Cancer. It can represent how we value our family, how we value ourselves, our relationship with money, and how we value our relationships. In Opposition to Pluto, we can face power struggles in one or more of these areas, either with other people or internally. Pluto in opposition, asks us to face reality, take a good hard look at some of these areas of our lives and face past wounds we may have buried associated with these areas of life. Pluto digs under the surface of life and insists we make some trans-formative change, get over things and move on. This might be rather uncomfortable energy, but a few days later, Venus will enter the sign of Leo and help release some of the challenges of this period.

So there is quite a lot going on up until we approach the next New Moon in Cancer on July 10th. If you are interested in discovering how astrology can help your evolutionary journey, book in for a consultation online or in person. Just go to online or e mail me at Stay safe, and I will see you around the 10th for the New Moon


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