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Full Moon in Aquarius. Take Two. Make Way for Change

This full moon occurs at the very end of Leo season and just before the Sun moves out of Leo and into Virgo. In Australia, the full moon will occur on August 22nd at 9.58 pm. This is quite a potent and special full moon for a variety of reasons. The moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo will be in opposition in the very last degrees of the sign, 29 degrees in fact, it is considered quite potent and named the anaretic degree. This represents a culmination, a crisis or climactic point as the energy is about to leave the previous sign, so all that has come before it is heightened and emphasised. This is particularly potent as I feel that this full moon somehow represents one of the major themes we have had playing out all year. The energy of the Saturn and Uranus square has been wreaking havoc on all of us with its stop-start, stop-start, freedom vs responsibility, rebellion vs status quo energy. This second full moon similarly represents this vibe in Aquarius in opposition to Leo. As discussed last time, this energy is about my needs vs the collective needs, but the power is emphasised even more in this full moon.

This moon is making a conjunction to the planet of expansion, Jupiter, whose primary motto is "Go big or go home". Jupiter expands everything it touches, and in this instance, it will help to over emphasise the importance of the messaging of this full moon. On a personal level, if you have had differences in opinion with your loved ones, especially around political and ideological ideas, this full moon has the potential to blow things up out of proportion, to accelerate and ignite passions and arguments. Be aware of this and remember the Aquarius Leo polarity is all about honouring the self and the other, my needs and respecting the needs of others, whatever they may be. The energy is rife for blowouts, so attempt to maintain your truth and keep an open heart and mind out for the opinions of others.

At its core, this full moon is the second attempt to remind the world of the plight of many doing it much harder than we are. We have all been so parochial dealing with ourselves, our communities, countries politics. We may have forgotten about the rest of the world. it is time to shine a light on and awaken to the needs of others, to think and act globally and not so selfishly. It might be a fantastic opportunity to use this full moon to meditate and send love and healing to the rest of the world.

Setting the scene in the backdrop, we are about to have all the outer planets retrograde as Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, joins them at 14 degrees Taurus on August 20th, just before this full moon. When planets turn retrograde, they turn the energy inward. The personal effects are to make us look within, review, re-imagine. For the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this will kick up a theme of looking for a change, for freedom to break

away from the old ways of doing things and liberating a part of your life that no longer serves you. We touched on this theme during our first Aquarian full moon; perhaps this was a time to think about some of these themes in your life; this full moon is asking us to act. To make some choices around the parts of our lives in which we feel we are being held back, where we cannot be our whole authentic selves. We will feel this not only on the personal level but very much across the collective as well. We have had nearly two years of the Saturn ( Lock-down) in square to Uranus ( Rebellion), and this full moon may well manifest as a crisis point. Don't be surprised to see more protests against lock-downs, against vaccines, against anything where people feel their freedom and freedom of choice is being compromised.

With this extreme Uranian energy at play, we should also expect some sudden and shocking changes or disclosures, things that will literally demand more equality, more fairness, a breaking down of the old guard for the new to emerge. Alternately there could be major changes or disruptions to technology and how we use it or major changes to the systems designed to serve us- political educational, whatever it is, this energy and culminating with this full moon may shine a light on where these systems are failing us.

Aquarius rules groups, communities and with Jupiter in Aquarius sitting next to this full moon, we may see the expansion of revolutionary groups making their messages heard in a big way. At a personal level, we can think about our 'tribe' and the groups we are part of. Are they serving our authentic selves? If not this full moon, offers us the opportunity to find like-minded groups, people with whom we connect with for a cause but who also connect with us on a heartfelt level ( moon opp sun in Leo) , but in true Leo Aquarian polarity the challenge is to find your tribe but not to

close your eyes, ears of hearts to the rest of the world.

I actually feel quite emotional as many thinking about these themes and the state of the world. I do hope that these posts can give you something to think about that you may not other wise and a way in which you can use the energies of the planet and the moon to make change in your life and in the life of others.

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Meanwhile be kind to yourself and be kind to others.


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