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Full Moon in Aquarius. Accessing your authentic self

This is the 1st of two full moons in Aquarius that we will get this year. Every year we have a sign that gets to have 2 full moons as we have 13 full moons in a year. This year there is one at the beginning of Leo season and the other at the end of Leo Season. This will accentuate Aquarius energy, which has been a theme of this year.

The Sun in Leo is in opposition to the moon in Aquarius and occurs in the very early stages of each sign, at 1 degree. This signifies quite a shift in energy as we have moved away from the watery, hibernating, nurturing energy of the Sun in Cancer and into the fiery fixed sign of Leo. This full moon will be felt most by the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. At its essence, it is all about exploring our authentic selves, thinking outside the box, expanding our awareness, and working toward fundamental change for humanity.

The full moon represents a time to release, let go of energy, things, thought patterns that no longer serve us whilst also providing us an opportunity to explore some of the major themes that the sign the full moon is in.

The Leo Aquarian polarity and opposition represent the duality of self vs the collective, what you want vs what others may want of you, being self-determined vs working for the group and personal ownership vs freedom. It's about creativity vs Intellectualism and heartfelt emotion vs detachment. But at its core is the questions of where you may be compromising yourself for the sake of others.

Leo rules the heart, and Leo energy loves nothing more than expressing that love in significant heartfelt ways, to a point where they can smother others with their need to express love and with it, sometimes ownership. Leo says, 'I love you, you are mine" whereas Aquarius say, I love you, so I shall set you free.

Where then do you perhaps need to let go of something you are claiming as yours, when in fact, it may not be? Are there relationships, friendships, ties to which you have staked too high a claim? Can you find your way to free what is not really yours to own?

This theme can also apply to group situations in your life. Leo likes to lead, to have control and be upfront and centre of a project. On the other hand, Aquarius is all about democratic principles, being fair, equitable and letting all have a voice. This full moon may offer up an opportunity to look at where in your life you may not be being fair and equitable, where you may be asserting too much control, putting your needs first and not looking out for the collective.

This is such a dominant theme for all humanity at the moment, the absolute polarity of the self vs the other; my opinion is more important than your opinion, facts vs opinion, science vs belief, my needs are more significant than the needs of the collective.

Take this time to reflect on this. Are you really hearing what others have to say? Can you open your mind to exploring new ideas, at least ideas that may stretch you, open up your world view and help you become more equitable and accepting of others? What thinking patterns can you let go of and how can you expand to bring in new ideas. Letting go of the 'status quo' the ' this is the way we have always done things.' is very much associated with Aquarian energy.

What does community mean to you? Do you sit on the outside of a community looking in and criticising from a distance or are you able to immerse in your community and allow yourself to explore others ideas and values?

Activism and working for the disenfranchised, those without a strong voice, are all-powerful Aquarian principles. Where and how does activism play a part in your life, and is there something you believe you should become active in? Showing up, as your authentic self to participate in a cause you feel passionate about whilst fully respecting the opinions of others is a beautiful expression of Aquarian energy.

Saturn is in the sign Aquarius until March 2023, influencing the collective, giving us all the opportunity to mobilise and see the change we want to see in our communities and humanity. This full moon can cast a light on the areas you may want to affect.

Ruling groups, Aquarius is also traditionally associated with friendships and friendship groups. Despite many in Australia facing another lockdown, this is an excellent time to review, renew, reignite or remove friendships in your life. Aquarius is a beautiful connecter, a bringer of people together. Friends are the people who have our hearts, whom we trust, Leo, but Aquarius rules the group dynamic of the friendship group. Are your friendship groups serving your heart, do you feel connected and close, or are you participating in friendships for some other reason? Are you just trying to fit in with your group whilst not being authentic to your true self. All of these questions can come up now. Equally, are there people whom you love and who you have not been in touch with? The sun in Leo asks us to express our love, the moon in Aquarius asks us to express it to our friends. So if you haven't reached out to the friends you love, to those you may not have seen for a while, do so and tell them you love them.

Aquarius is an air sign; hence it operates most significantly in the thinking and intellectual realms rather than in emotional or expressive ways. Science and Aquarius are often connected, the rational scientific mind, bringing new and innovative ideas and insights.

This full moon may be an excellent time to work with new ideas and allow yourself to experience flashes of unique insight, especially ideas that may be connected with a creative project. If you are into it, this is an excellent time to get your inner nerd going. Get connected with new technology that may serve you or alternately give yourself a complete tech detox. How is technology helping or hindering your life? All things to explore during this full moon.

This full moon will sit next to Pluto, the planet of transformation, going deep and bringing things to the surface. Pay close attention to your dreams at this time, especially as you may have some flashes of insight that come to you. You may feel things or have ideas that seem to come from deep within. Take some time to listen to yourself and work with the Air energy of Aquarius and breathe deeply. This is an interesting combination, an unconventional intellectual moon, influenced by a planet that asks us to go deep.

The day after the full moon, the moon meets up with the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn. Saturn and the moon don't necessarily get on that well; Saturn adds a bit of an emotional wall around the lunar expression so don't be surprised if you feel a level of restriction around your feelings or ability to express your feelings and emotions. However, this can be an excellent placing to put some structure and boundaries around any full moon work or creative projects you take on. It can also offer some self-discipline to get things done and provide an opportunity to be really honest with ourselves about how authentic we are, especially regarding our social situations and how open we are being to change.

We will have another opportunity to explore these principles again during the next Aquarian full moon on August 22nd.

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