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Cancer New Moon. Feeling and Healing

This particular New Moon, I feel, is quite poignant with its timing coinciding with the nodal shift into Aries and Libra. Combined with aspects from Pluto, Neptune and Chiron, the stage is set for activating intention around deep emotional healing. Like all new Moons, this New Moon offers us an opportunity to make new goals, set agendas, and embark upon new activities or habits in line with Cancerian energies, but with it may emerge some deep introspection and energy activation for change, especially within our inner world, our inner sanctum and desire for self-care.

The Moon is happy in the sign of Cancer; it is at home, where it can delve into the feeling realms, access emotions and go with the flow.

This period allows us to set foundations both physically and metaphorically, the foundations that form the base of our home, our family and connections with those we chose as our family, and building the foundations, we create our sense of security around.

This can be a brilliant period for setting goals, intentions and plans involving your family or reframing the narrative you have set regarding your own family and family values. Is spending more time with them important to you? Is there something that needs to be said to be healed to help you grow and move forward? If so, now is the time to commit to doing so.

Family is a broad and fluid term, so even redefining and honouring what family means to you positively expresses this New Moon's energies. Gathering around a table and sharing great food is a beautiful expression of Cancer's energies. Family at its most fundamental level, means security. Cancer is all about exploring how we get our security needs met.

Are there any changes you need to make in how you go about finding a sense of inner security? How are you nurturing yourself and others?

Cancer rules the home, so use this time to rethink or plan what you may like to change in your home environment. This could be as simple as giving the house a deep clean, smudging, or rearranging furniture.

Is your home offering you the sanctuary you need to recharge your batteries? If not, what can you do about that?

As the ruler of Cancer, the Moon rules how we habitually respond to the environment around us, and it also rules some of the daily habits we form, perhaps to help us feel more secure, or not as the case may be. We can explore during this new Moon whether there are any new emotional habits you would like to begin? For example, we may become more mindful of how we react emotionally, positively and negatively, and express our emotions.

This is an excellent time for changing emotional habits.

Do you express your emotions honestly or let them

bottle up to keep the peace? This may be an area where you want to change and start new habits, such as being more upfront and honest

with others about how you feel.

Ruling the archetypal mothering principle, Cancer represents how we were nurtured, nurture others, and nurture ourselves, so spend some time in this space.

How is your relationship with your mother? Whether she is still with us or not, we are all affected by the mothering we had or did not have. Are there areas in which you could make some positive changes? Forgiveness of the mothering you received or did not receive, perhaps. Do you need to make peace in this area and begin new ways of viewing or expressing this part of your life?

How are we doing for those of us who are mothers? Without dumping mother guilt on us, what could we improve concerning how we go about 'mothering.'?

Use this New Moon mostly to tap into your inner world and find the time, place and space for self-nurturing and setting new intentions around your emotional goals and growth.


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