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AQUARIUS FULL MOON- Will the real you please stand up?

The Aquarius Full Moon reminds us to check in with how we function as part of the collective, where we contribute to society, how we travel with our friendship groups and how we may or may not be expressing our authentic selves.

As usual, I have produced my


Aquarius Full Moon 2023
Download PDF • 25.83MB

The workbook is designed to help you reflect and bring purpose and focus to this Full Moon. The workbook takes you through specifically focused questions, affirmations and rituals for everyone to work with. And I have included a bonus section of what it means to have your natal Moon in the sign of Aquarius and specific questions for reflection for the Lunar Aquarians. So if you have an Aquarius Moon, this workbook is for you.

I am settled back into my Astro and have begun doing readings again. There are only a couple of spots open in August, so if you have ever thought about getting your chart done or want some clarity of what the F*(^&* is going on for you right now, check out my website or feel free to DM me or email me at if you have any questions.

Happy Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs in Australia at 4.31 am on August 2nd and focuses our attention on the Leo Aquarius axis integrating and balancing our individual needs and needs to participate as part of the collective.

The Leo Aquarian polarity and opposition represent the duality of self vs the collective, what you want vs what others may want of you, being self-determined vs working for the group and personal ownership vs freedom. It's about creativity vs intellectualism and heartfelt emotion vs detachment.

Leo rules the heart, and Leo's energy loves nothing more than expressing that love in significant heartfelt ways, to a point where they can smother others with their need to express love and, sometimes, ownership. Leo says, 'I love you; you are mine", whereas Aquarius say, I love you, so I shall set you free.

This theme can also apply to group situations in your life. Leo likes to lead, control, and be upfront and centre of a project. On the other hand, Aquarius is all about democratic principles, being fair, equitable and letting all have a voice.

This full Moon may offer an opportunity to look at where in your life you may not be being fair and equitable, where you may assert too much control, putting your needs first and not looking out for the collective. Alternatively, it is also a time to observe where we may be playing small regarding our participation in friendship or group endeavours.

This full Moon in Aquarius also highlights where we may not be acting by our most authentic selves. As an energy, Aquarius values authenticity, uniqueness and the expression of one's individuality. With this full Moon, we are offered an opportunity to reflect and release any habits or traits that may hold us back from our most genuine expression.

On a personal level, we may feel push-pull energy between doing the right thing and following the status quo and, on the other, a strong desire to break free from any restriction we think may be holding us back.

Where do you feel you need more freedom in your life?

Are you bending too much toward societal norms and letting fear dominate?

Are you free enough to express your genuine opinion or fall in line with what the collective wants you to think?

This theme of structure versus rebellion, status quo versus change, equality and inequality is a dominant worldwide theme. Aquarius is the energy that works for the collective, especially the disenfranchised. Hence, this is an excellent time for reviewing how we serve those less fortunate than us and what group or collective agendas we may like to align ourselves with.

This is also a poignant time to check in with our use or abuse of technology. Ruled by Aquarius, technology is such a hugely important part of our lives now in both positive and negative ways. We can use this time to release any habits or addictions around the use of technology. This is a great time to assess where technology is working for you and where it may not be.

Given it is a full moon, which is a time of release, it could be wise to become more mindful of how technology is infiltrating our lives.

Both the Sun and Moon are in a square aspect to Jupiter during this Full Moon. This could have various effects on us at this time. We could feel overly confident, prone to exaggeration or taking things too far, especially to get our ideas or beliefs across to others. We need to pay special attention to allowing others the freedom and the safety to have their ideas and opinions aired and respected. Jupiter's effect on the Moon can certainly amplify our emotions as well, so if we are feeling particularly edgy during this full Moon, it could be wise to ensure we exercise and release any pent-up nervous energy.

The Aquarius Full Moon is a time to connect with our heart-felt love of humanity, our friendship groups, and people with whom we share common goals and interests and of course, a time to celebrate diversity and the need for humanitarian evolution and growth.

It's a balancing act, on the one hand being true to yourself, your unique and authentic self-expression and on the other being able to work with and co-operate with others. Anything you can identify that could be holding you back on this themse can be released now.


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