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Virgo Full Moon. Preparing for Big Change

March is an action-packed month, astrologically. As soon as this full Moon has happened, we shift gears big time as Saturn moves into Pisces after having been in Aquarius for nearly the last three years.

I have a separate post on Saturn in Pisces, a small video on my Instagram account and some details of what Saturn travelling through each house may mean for you. For those who want to dive deep into the meaning of this shift, there is a longer video available on my website so head to it and the blog section to see more.

For now, lets focus on this Full Moon in Virgo, which occurs in Australia on March 7 at 11.40 pm and in the US pacific time at 7.40 am.

As this full Moon occurs, we have Saturn at the very last degrees and minutes of Aquarius moving signs a mere hour after this full Moon and our planet of maturation gears up to join the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune all in the sign of Pisces.

This Full Moon is setting the stage for the changes that are about to occur throughout March, where we will also have Mars move from Gemini, where it has been for seven months, and then Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. To me, it feels like a period of closure, cleansing of and farewelling some old outworn habits that we need to shed to move forward, especially with our spiritual lives

I have once again created a Virgo Full Moon workbook for you to download to help you navigate this Full Moon and the changes that are upon us with Saturn's move into Pisces. There is also a special section on what having a Virgo Moon means and specific questions for self-reflection for those with the Moon in Virgo. You can access the workbook for free here.

Download PDF • 30.23MB

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