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The Sun Moves into Pisces.

With the sun entering the water sign of Pisces, we start to slowly get some relief from the abundant and frenetic energy of multiple planets in Aquarius. If you feel like you have been buzzing, like your head won't stop, we have some relief in sight.

Pisces season brings with it the access to a more feeling nature, moving away from our heads and a little more into our hearts. Pisces is one of the most profoundly emotional and sensitive of signs that can merge with the energies around them. I have written a separate piece on Pisces sign if you want to know more about the signs personalised energies.

We still have an abundance of planets in Aquarius, but with the sun in Pisces, we may be able to tap into our intuitive nature more easily, access our dreams more readily and put creative energy into the projects and ideas we have been thinking about in Aquarius season.

Pisces heightens our emotions and senses, which offers us an opportunity to tune into our imaginative world. We can do this via reading, watching movies, listening to music, creating art,

mindfulness, and meditation.

Pisces provides us with a need for escapism, moving us from over thinking into the world of feeling. I feel the whole world could use a little escapism right now, a bit more tuning into the self rather than the collective. Take time to tap into this part of yourself now and access the abundance of imagery and messages that you can access. Being a mutable water sign, it is also literally a good time to get into the water and feel your body's weightlessness.

Pisces' shadow side is overly escaping via the use of substances or fantasies that take us away from the 'real' world, so this is a tendency to be especially wary of.

Mercury goes Direct

Mercury is on the move once again and goes direct on February 21st. I know many of us have felt the frustrations that come with Mercury retrograde. Communications will improve, less stuff will break ( we had a few mishaps at home, including the coffee machine breaking!), and you should feel as though things are moving rather than the stagnant energy that Mercury retrograde often brings with it.

The planet of love and beauty, our feminine principles Venus joins the Sun in Pisces on the 25th, which lessens the focus on Aquarius. Our desire to help others is heightened as is romance, our feeling nature, glamour, and artistic creativity. If there is a creative project you want to start, this will be a perfect time. I have noticed that when Venus is in Pisces, I tend to buy new beauty products, new clothes etc., to make me feel good about myself. I have a Pisces rising, so this makes total sense. Anyway, I digress…

The moon is full in the sign of Virgo on February 27th. Pisces and Virgo are a fascinating pair when they meet up. I will write more about the full moon in Virgo closer to the date. In essence, we experience the polarities of such energies as; the need for order vs an element of chaos vs order, criticism vs compassion, perfection vs wholeness. Virgo energy focuses on being of service on a practical nature, and Pisces focuses on selfless serving, devotion and sacrifice. When they combine in the sky, we can experience various elements in opposition to each other. Still, the real lesson is to integrate them to work as a united whole bringing practical humility and kindness…..

Mars moves out of sensuous earthly focused Taurus into Gemini's quick thinking sign on March 5th, where it stays until April 24th. This energy drives forward communication, fast messaging, technologies, moving around our community, writing and publishing. If you need an extra push to get a message across, communicate or publish a new idea, this is the right time to do so. However, we need to be aware that we don't over extend ourselves mentally and that we keep a sense check of what we are saying and how, as this energy can certainly use some proofreading before we press the send button.

Venus and the Sun meet up with Pisces' ruling planet, Neptune on March 7th and then are joined by the new moon in Pisces on the 13th. We will have now well moved away from the abundance of Aquarius energy. The focus will be on the feeling nature, other worldliness, intuition, and creativity. In particular, this period surrounding the new moon will be a very strong period to begin any creative artistic, spiritual project or to simply escape from reality. This period will be felt particularly strongly by the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Make the most of Pisces season by allowing your emotional nature to flow freely. Express it via creative and artistic pursuits, listen to beautiful music, slow down and allow yourself to simply feel.


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