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The Sign of Aries

As we move into each astrological season, where the sun changes signs, I am writing a little on my understanding and perception of each sign, as I have experienced over my 20 years of study.

We are currently in Aries season, a time to increase our energy, execute our plans, get moving and be far more focused than we may have been during Pisces season.

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac. It follows the Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox, where new life comes about with new growth and birth.

Being the first of the signs, this already tells us something about Aries; it literally needs to be first, does things before others, initiates action, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

I always think of it as The Fool in the tarot. The fools journey is to venture forth into new territories, perhaps not fully prepared for what is to come. Often with a lack of life experience, but full of courage and hunger to go forth and explore, find new adventures and possibly win some battles. Mars, the god of war, rules Aries and as such, has a reputation and perhaps justified, to be one of the signs most readily able to lose their temper and actively participate in both verbal and physical fights

For Aries people ( Sun, Moon or Ascendant), there is an undeniable inner quest to be independent, courageous, forthright, bold and willing to jump in headfirst.

The Aries symbol represents the horns of a ram, ready to charge forward without too much concern for the consequences. The glyph also looks like a fountain of energy.

Aries is cardinal (initiatory) fire, masculine energy. It is combative and competitive due to its association with the God of War, Mars and its innate need to be first.

As with all signs, the personality types differ in individuals due to the rest of their chart, but generally, Aries types love exciting, new and adventurous experiences.

They are always looking for that new project, that next thing to be done, but sometimes they do not have the patience to carry out all their plans to fruition.

One would not call Aries energy diplomatic; in fact, they may be entirely unaware of how their boldness and lack of diplomacy affects others. Generally, this is self-reflective energy rather than energy that is overly concerned with others ( like Pisces, for example). This is not to say they do not have compassion, but they view life through the glasses of a need to win and conquer.

Aries is one sign that is most unlikely to 'need' others. They enjoy their own company much more than that of others, and as a result, can be viewed as loners by others. They are certainly not lonely by any means; they just sincerely are more interested in themselves than others. Others may view them as selfish, narcissistic and abrasive when manifesting the Aries energy at its most primal level, but a more conscious Aries can be a marvelous thing.

Aries' challenge is to learn to be conscious of others needs and feelings whilst also allowing themselves to be nurtured and nurture others. They need to know how to integrate with others, cooperation and how to allow themselves to depend on others. Once they have mastered these challenges and have solid foundations, their ability for great energy, drive, and ambition can lead them to great success.

Those who cannot find a balance in their relationships with others may continue to alienate people, be unreliable, waste their energy, overreact, be overly dramatic, and have a seemingly selfish and self-centered nature. However, when they become more self-aware and can integrate qualities that make living in this world more palatable for themselves and others, they can be one of the most powerful, energetic, and empowered zodiac signs. They can forge ahead far more readily than others and are often pioneers and the discoverers that benefit themselves and others.

They do not like feeling or appearing vulnerable to others and will go out of their way to avoid this. This trait can affect their romantic relationships as they refuse to show weakness or vulnerability. They do not like to depend on anyone else or cooperate much, two qualities most relationships need. The challenge for the Aries is to integrate more of the qualities of their opposite sign Libra. Aries must look to achieve harmony, functional associations and the lesson of cooperating with others whilst still being strong in themselves.

It can be challenging for Aries to 'settle down' as there is a lot to conquer in the world, including relationships. They love the thrill of the chase and can move on quickly when others make too many demands of them, too fast. These people need freedom in their relationship and do not appreciate overly needy or demanding people. They will be most attracted to someone whom they consider equal and has their own life.

Aries need to take time out occasionally and stop the mad rush to achieve and be. Not easy for them but essential if they are to remain grounded and functioning at their best capacity. Despite this, it is imperative that they also expend their energy abundance in the most practical ways possible. Rigorous exercise, competitive sport and martial arts are essential for Aries energy to be expressed in its most functional capacity. If their energy is not released productively, it can erupt when others are least expecting it, giving them the reputation for being hot-tempered.

Aries are the entrepreneurs of the zodiac, most willing to take risks. They are also very effective leaders when they have learned to 'play well with others and not disperse their energy too widely. They are decisive and have firm conviction backed up with high energy levels to work extremely hard. They are goal-focused and will make every effort to achieve their objectives. They are the ablest to bounce back after setbacks, are highly competitive and equally resilient.

Socially Aries are blunt, they say it like it is and can lack discretion, but they also lack pretentiousness and have no patience for airs and graces. They may be quick to temper at times and will be the first to dive into a hot debate but they do not hold grudges, so as quickly as they fire up, they will forget and move on

Aries at its best is fun, adventure, boldness, courage ambition inspiration and positivism.

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