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Sun Moves Into Taurus

The Sun moves into earthy fixed Taurus on 20th April at 4.30 pm. Taurus season will bring a shift of pace, a quietening down from the fiery energy of Aries. If Aries was a time to get things done, this will be a period to slow down a little, indulge the senses, and go within as the weather becomes cooler in the Southern Hemisphere.

Taurus season will offer us a little bit of reprise, a change of pace and an opportunity to relax after the quick-paced energy of Aries.

This Taurus season is complemented with Taurus ruler Venus being in the same sign. It is a comfortable, happy, homely, sensual, stable, assuring, and earthly energy. The combination of both the Sun and Venus in Taurus adds a touch of heightened sensuosity to it. I relate Taurus to the physical senses, and hence, this is a time to indulge them with all of the earthly delights available to us.

Taurus and the experience of preparing, cooking, eating and sharing food are a match made in heaven. Physical nourishment abounds during this time, so go forth and bake that cake, cook that slow casserole, share the food with family and friends. Whilst you are there, nourish your sense of hearing with the gift of beautiful music. Venus and beautiful music go hand in hand, whether you sing ( most Taureans I know have a great singing voice), play an instrument or bathe yourself in the delights of music, this is the time to do so to assist you in moving into a more relaxed state.

Mercury has also moved into Taurus, complimenting the Sun and Venus and enabling us to communicate on practical, grounded levels.

Pleasure for pleasure sake is very much in the Taurean realm; whatever it is that brings you pleasure will be heightened at this time, so feel free to enjoy, and activate your physical senses.

As the first of the earth signs in our zodiac, I relate Taurus very much with the physical ground of our earth, the soil, the plants, the rocks, the trees, the literal beauty of nature. The season is an excellent time to spend in nature and appreciating our planet's physical beauty and wonder. Make an effort to get out and smell the roses, hug a tree, lie on the earth and get grounded.

Taurus is all about our physical security, so household duties and general life admin may feature this month. Physical security for many of us also includes financial security- money matters. Taurus season is a wonderful time to get your financial affairs into order in whatever way works for you. This may include setting new financial and budgeting routines, refinancing loans for cheaper interest rates, or doing some serious financial planning; the season of the bull is the time to make this happen.

We will meet the full moon in Scorpio on the 27th of the April, offering us an opportunity to go deep within and explore the more intense and hidden parts of our nature. I will have a separate piece on this at the time.

The Sun will conjunct Uranus in Taurus around the 26th of April and into the first weeks of May, which may throw a destabilising influence to the season. Taurus is not one for destabilising anything, so this energy may shake things up a little. The Sun will also receive a square from Saturn in Aquarius whilst conjunct Uranus during this period. This energy may ask us to re-evaluate some of the structures we have in our lives and assess how these are working for us? You may feel as though there needs to be a shift or a change, perhaps to your routines. Do you need to change the way you are doing something to herald more productive results? Taurus is very much about practical productiveness and is a fixed sign, so one may feel slower about making such changes. Either way, some functional parts of our lives may come up for question during this time.

In general with an abundance of planets in this sign we will feel more patient, more grounded and appreciative of the physicality of our existence. Take time out, bake the bread, smell the roses and enjoy.

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