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Sun Moves Into Libra. Sept 24. You, Me and Harmony

Welcome to Libra season, where we move away from the earthy practical season of Virgo and into the social, harmonious airy energy of Libra on September the 24th. Libra is the only sign in the zodiac represented by a physical machinery object, the scales.

To the ancient Egyptians, the scales were an essential tool as they were used to measure the weight of someone's soul and determine whether they were ready to enter the afterlife. With a feather on one side, if the scales tipped ever so slightly on the soul side, they were deemed not ready.

Libran energy, by its very nature, is always seeking balance. Whereas Virgo views the world through a discerning eye, noticing where things can be improved, Libra views the world in terms of duality. They see both sides of any situation.

Libra is all about balancing oppositions and paradoxes, which is why it is also the sign that represents relationships- one and another- seeking balance.

Librans reputation for not being able to make decisions easily stems from this tendency to weigh up all perspectives, to ensure all aspects have been covered, so that they, in fact, then make the most informed decision. This is not necessarily a bad trait; in fact, why wouldn't you want someone to consider all perspectives before making a decision? Rightfully so when it is a big and important decision, but it can get tiresome when one takes ages to choose what to order at a restaurant.

When the Sun is in the sign of Libra, it is considered to be in its fall, meaning that it does not shine as brightly or function as well as it could. This is generally because the Sun is about the self, the egoic self-expression and for Libra, the self-identity is usually tied up with the 'other' another person. Librans need the mirror of another to learn and grow. This is why as a sign, it is associated with relationships. Librans need to relate.

So for the month ahead, for Libran season, the focus is on relating, relationships, and seeking balance, harmony and beauty. Venus, the goddess of beauty, rules Libra. Librans need a sense of aesthetic beauty around them; they need a beautiful environment to feel balanced. So for Libran season, tap into the energy of beauty and whatever this means for you. This is an excellent time to beautify your home, to fill your house with flowers, to hang that art on the wall. In whatever way, focusing on creating beauty is a crucial theme of this season.

As we move toward the end of September, the Sun and Mars meet up in Libra, and Mercury is also in Libra. Mars rules Aries, the opposite sign of Libra, so traditionally does not function that well in this sign either; however, I think of Mars in Libra as putting our energy into relating, into connecting with others. With Mercury here as well, this is an excellent time to reconnect with people you may have lost touch. Whether you can physically visit them or not, get on the phone or onto zoom and remember the lost art of relating, of having a conversation, of listening to the other's perspective, of making the others feel loved and appreciated.

Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Libra on the 29th until October the 19th. This may turn our voices inward and, more importantly, make decision-making a little more complicated. With Librans tendency to see both sides of any story, this theme may play out for us, driving us to take longer than usual to conclude. It goes direct again on the 19th. This period of Mercury bouncing back and forth can also play havoc on our relationships, as we feel like we are playing mental ping pong. One minute thinking one thing, the next something completely different. Make attempts to be as transparent as possible in your communication with loved ones during this time. It is also a period in which past relationships or issues from past relationships can re-emerge.

Past wounds, especially around relationships, could rear their head in the first week or so of October. Both Mars and the Sun make an opposition to Chiron. This energy may shake up any old wounds that we may still need to deal with in relationships. Chiron is in the sign of Aries, which rules Mars. We may feel agitated and frustrated more quickly than usual. We are being asked to look at any repressed anger we may have and work through this gracefully, if possible. With the Sun following its opposition quickly after Mars, we have the opportunity to do some healing and renew our sense of self-expression with others.

The new moon in Libra that occurs on October the 6th will bring us plenty of additional opportunities to work on how we relate with others and how to negotiate, integrate, and resolve conflict in our lives.

The good news for the season is that we begin to see some of the outer planets that have been retrograde for some time turn direct. Pluto turns direct on the 7th/ 8th in Australia, just after the new moon. Pluto has been peddling backwards in the sky since April. Pluto turning direct may be felt significantly by those who are pretty sensitive, but at its core, Pluto will empower us all more now. Where we were once compliant and potentially internalising, we may feel far more ready, willing and able to forge ahead, make changes that we need to make in our lives and get out of our own way a bit more. Combined, all these planets moving forward will also help us move forward more progressively than we have felt for a while.

Following Pluto is Saturn, turning direct on the 11th/ 12th. If we have been languishing in finding and adhering to structure in our lives, we will be more able to focus now and do the work required to meet our responsibilities and manage our goals. We may gain more clarity in our lives.

Our friend Jupiter then goes direct on the 19th and will continue to move in a forward direction through Aquarius until the end of the year, when he then moves into and stays in Pisces. Jupiter turning direct may just bring us a more incredible feeling of joy. In Australia, Jupiter turning direct, I hope, will see us embrace more freedom of movement. Our confidence should feel heightened, as will our desire to have some fun. If we are studying or learning anything, our ability to retain and share information should also increase. Joining Jupiter Mercury will turn direct simultaneously, easing the flow of communications, negotiations and conversation.

All this energy will then culminate on the full moon in fiery Aries on the 20th, where we need to examine how we are managing the self with the other. In other words, how we are maintaining our sense of self concerning others. The Sun will then slip out of Libra and move into the deep waters of Scorpio season on the 24th.


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