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Sun Moves Into Gemini

Happy Gemini season. I hope we are all ready for quite a change of pace as the sun moves into Gemini on May 21st in Australia. We are stepping it up a few notches and have to get off the Taurus couch metaphorically, get moving, communicating and doing. Unlike Taurus season, which is all about partaking in the hedonistic pleasures of our physical senses, Gemini season asks us to move to our mental realm, get thinking, communicating and connecting.

This Gemini season will be felt most by those with sun, moon or ascendants in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces. In particular, there could be some life-enhancing big moments for these energies when we experience a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. I will be commenting more about that closer to the time.

From the onset of the sun moving into Gemini, it will be making square energy to Jupiter, which has moved into Pisces, until May 28th. We need to be aware of a tendency to exaggerate things at this time, whether it be in the public sphere or personally. This is an energy that could easily cause us to make sweeping statement claims, not check the details, put one's foot in our mouth, or insist on something without checking one's facts first. Given Gemini is the sign of communication, this square to Jupiter can create mixed messages, so be clear on your intent, check your facts and think before you speak.

Gemini is all about growth via learning and sharing ideas, multi-tasking, stimulating one's

mind, and both mentally and physically feel alive. Therefore this is an excellent time to engage with the world in an intellectual and curious way. Suppose there are curiosities you would like satiated. In that case, this is the time to open the doorway to exploring new ideas, reading that book you've been meaning to read, listening to that new podcast, writing that blog or simply exploring new ideas with others. Don't be surprised if you don't follow through to the end; the Gemini energy is dualistic in nature and can become easily distracted by the next thing on the horizon.

Networking is the natural domain of Gemini energy. Networking is not only bout social context but networking concerning ideas or literal computer connectivity. You will find many a Gemini behind the logistics of computer software, bringing ideas, concepts and information to the world. Connections are part of networking, and Geminis are brilliant at making and nurturing connections. These are the people who will tell you; I know someone you should meet, to help with…….. and next thing you know, a meeting has been set up. This is an excellent time if you can get out and about and meet new and exciting people. Networking may be as simple as knowing what is going on in your immediate community or environment. In fact, this is a great time for exploring your immediate neighbourhood and community, even if you may think you have done that to the extreme during restrictions.

You may be more able to see both sides of any story or discourse during the Gemini season. Gemini is dualistic by nature, so this is an excellent period if you need to understand something from someone else's perspective. Attempt to actively listen to what others are saying to gain a real understanding of their perspective, enabling you to expand your awareness. This will be especially important during the full moon Luna eclipse in Sagittarius, which is all about expanding one's knowledge and philosophical perspective.

Given Gemini energy is about communication, this is also a good time to literally 'find your voice' to express your inner-thinking and perhaps convey ideas you have thus far not expressed. Attempt to do this before the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury goes direct on the 29th of the month. Mercury going retrograde is going to dampen the Gemini impetus until June 21st. So get your computer fixed, your car serviced, your contracts signed, and your messages out there before Mercury goes retrograde

If you have been thinking of upgrading your mobile phone, getting a new computer or changing service providers or getting your hands on that new gadget, this is the time to do so. As the ruler of communication, this includes all gadgets that enable that process, but make sure it is done before Mercury goes retrograde

What I love most about Gemini is the energy has a Peter Pan quality about it, the forever child who loves to play, be the trickster and can make a joke about anything. They usually love children and young people, are usually young at heart throughout their lives, laughing and being lighter in spirit. So use this time to lighten up, play a little more, see the funny side of life and learn not to take things so seriously.

Make sure to avoid some of the shadow sides of Gemini energy during this season which can include scattering one's energies, being inattentive, superficial or highly strung. Enjoy the energy to get your mental work done, write that piece you have meant to write, say and communicate those messages


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