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Sun Moves Into Aries

Happy New Astrological Year and Happy Autumnal Equinox for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

The astrological year starts with the sign of Aries, as in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the Spring Equinox when the cold of winter begins to wane, and spring brings forth the essence of new life, new beginnings, which is very much what Aries is all about.

As the sun moves into Aries' powerful fiery sign, the volume is turned up on our energy levels.

This shift is a bit like waking up from a deep dream, shaking off the cobwebs and heading out for a run…not that I do that myself, I must admit.

During Pisces season, we have been in a slumber like state, encased in deep emotion, creativity, and possibly dreaming about what we would like to achieve. If we came up with some beautiful new plans whist in Pisces, now is the time to put them into action.

There are things to do, and now is the time to do them.

Obviously, the sun moves into Aries each year, but the other planets movements are different each time, flavouring each season uniquely.

This year we are joined with the ruler of Aries, Mars, in the sign of Gemini. As soon as the sun moves into Aries, Mars makes a harmonious energy link to Saturn, enabling us to focus on our plans and provide us with some well needed mental energy to execute them.

Overall our ambitions are elevated, as is our ability to communicate our plans to others. What may have felt like a daunting task over the past weeks should be much easier to carry out now.

The shift into Aries is amplified with the planet Venus also moving into this fiery sign on the 21st. Where we may have been in a floaty romantic, dreamy love state whilst Venus was in Pisces, Venus now brings us a more energetic, excitable, impulsive element to our love lives, financial affairs, sense of beauty and social lives.

Bravery is far easier to access now, especially in matters to do with the heart.

If there are relationship issues you may need to clear up, now is the time. The sun and Venus join up on the 26th in Aries and amplify the Aries energy and increase confidence.

An abundance of Aries energy can sometimes bring a shorter than usual temper and increase in anger and frustration, so this is worth being aware of. However, throughout the season, there are numerous occurrences where this energy will be infused with practicality and groundedness that should hopefully curb some of the potential ' outbursts' associated with Aries energy.

Toward the end of March, Mercury meets Neptune in watery Pisces on the 29th. This will offer us both the opportunity to tune into spiritual or metaphysical realms and the potential for excessive vagueness, forgetfulness and miscommunications. Pay extra attention to details at this time, make more precise mental notes of where you have parked your car or left your keys. Additionally, use this time ( approximately 28th - 31st of March) for increased potential in meditations, emotions and creative pursuits. It is lovely energy for the depth realms but not too good for everyday responsibilities.

Mercury will join the sun in Aries from April 3 until the 19th. This will enable us to move away from that possible brain fog state of Mercury in Pisces to increased clarity of thought, direct and faster-paced expression and communication styles. It can also lead to a potential for heated debates and possible foot in mouth syndrome, so be extra aware of what you are saying and how.

On April 9, Mars makes a challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces, which could put a damper on all that fiery Aries energy and have us feeling like we are back in Pisces season. It may feel frustrating and a little harder to get things done, so best to go with the flow and even plan to have a little rest for a day or two rather than forging on and becoming increasingly frustrated.

The full moon occurs on March 28 in the sign of Libra. I love the Libra full moon as it helps us with insight and clarity in our relationships. The Aries Libra polarity offers us a chance to balance our personal needs and our relationship needs and make conscious shifts where we need to. It provides us with an opportunity to remedy past issues and bring new learning into the present. We will also be experiencing some lovely aspects forming during the full moon, enabling us to heal past relationship wounds and integrate new learning as we approach the new moon in Aries on April 11.

Venus moves into the sign of Taurus on April 14, just after the new moon, providing us with two flavours of Venus during this Aries season, which might feel a little discombobulating at first as we shift from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus. Venus is happy in the sign of Taurus and will emphasise sensuous romance. Venus in Taurus also offers an opportunity to relax, enjoy the delights of cooking, eating and sharing food with loved ones and taking the pace down a notch in preparation for the sun moving into Taurus on April 19.

Use this passionate and fiery Aries time to execute your plans and goals, to get moving physically and have some fun. It is a brilliant time for spontaneity, innovation and courage. The catch cry "feel the fear and do it anyway" is very much in line with the sun's energy in Aries. However, as we can be more direct and bold, we must also be aware that we can be more easily be impatient and frustrated so proceed with a bit of caution.

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