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Sagittarius Season- Shake it Off

Welcome to Sag Season. I am pleased to say that we have smoother sailing ahead as we steer toward the end of the year and dive into silly season as the Sun finds joy in the sign of Sagittarius. The sun moves into jovial Sagittarius on the 23rd of November and is quickly followed by a new moon in Saggie and the ruler of Sag, Jupiter tuning direct after having been retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

We have been traversing some rocky roads over the last few months with eclipses, planets being retrograde and some tricky aspects to navigate. I don’t know about you but this period post the eclipse has personally been very challenging, and I have been dealt a big does of medicine I needed to take care of but was avoiding and right on time, post eclipse my time ofr burying my head in the sand is no longer, I must take note. I have sat with this and allowed things to come up in their own time, in their own way and fortunately things have so far turned out for the best. Now as we head into Sag season I can reflect, find meaning and do some blue sky thinking and planning for the future, taking all that 2022 has taught and consciously applying it to the forthcoming year ahead.

So lets step into Sag season and shake off the shackles of the year, laught, be silly and celebrate all you have achieved this year.


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