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Sagittarius Full Super Moon. Expansion in Abundance


Sagittarius Full Moon 2022 Workbook
Download PDF • 14.56MB

We are halfway through the year as we approach the Sagittarian Full Super Moon. It is considered a Super Moon as the moon is physically closer to the earth than it usually is, meaning its energy will be seen and will absolutely be felt too.

As a Sagittarian myself I am very much looking forward to riding on the wave of some Sagittarian energy. I feel we all need a bit of a kick of optimism, of diving into what and where we derive meaning in our lives, to question how our belief systems are working for us, or not as the case may be. How are we feeding our minds? Are we inputting information and learnings that contribute to our best chances of growth as a person or are we polluting our minds with bullshit, comparisons and trivia. This is the time to release negative thinking, out moded belief systems and to dream big about where we seek adventure and meaning in our lives.

With aspects from both Neptune and Saturn we can dream big, although we need to be careful of delusion, but we are also equipped with some discipline and structure to release, let go and bring our dreams into reality.

As usual, I have had lots of fun making my Sagittarian Full Moon workbook which is designed to help you reflect and bring purpose and focus to this full moon period. The workbook takes you through much more detail about the specifics of this full moon. There are questions, affirmations and rituals for everyone to work with. And I have included a bonus section of what it means if you have your natal moon in the sign of Sagittarius. If you do, then this is especially the workbook for you. You can download it via the link above. Please give me some feedback if you are using them as it really helps me refine them for future use. Happy Saggie Full Moon. Enjoy


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