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Are you ready to breathe a collective sigh…not that the world is in a great place, let's be honest, but boy, has this past Scorpio Season been intense. Don’t get me wrong, I love a conscious journey into the underworld, but there was much more in the basement than I had remembered.

With the last of the eclipses across the Scorpio-Taurus axis, I hope many of us are feeling purged and released from any ties that may have bound us to lessons we needed to learn.

As a Sagittarian, I am already planning various celebrations. Yes, it will be my solar return in December, so look out for my Birthday Giveaway on Instagram ( Follow here if you don't already), where I will offer one lucky person an opportunity to win a free full 90-minute chart reading with me. Details to come, so stay tuned.

I am also celebrating a super important milestone. It is ten years since I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, and I have been on some pretty intense medication every day for ten years. As the Sun moves into Sag, it ends; I have made it to this milestone. Not everyone has been so lucky, and I have lost one very special friend. Still, I feel like I have no lifeboat now and need to swim on my own. It feels a bit scary but also such a relief. I feel incredibly joyful, grateful and blessed to be here still and to engage with the future again as all Saggies should.

So now we are in Saggie Season, it is time to sharpen our arrows and shoot them off into the future, to think big picture and to engage with our personal philosophies of how we would like our life to look, especially as we head toward the end of the year and into 2024. So take a break and allow yourself to do some big-picture dreaming.

The Sun moves into fiery mutable Sagittarius on November 23rd, Eastern Australian Time at 1.03 am. We are followed very quickly after this, with Mars joining the Sun in Sagittarius on the 24th. With both these Firey planets in this Firey sign, we will feel an upward shift of energy, a momentum into the future of blue sky planning and possibly a little partying as we head into the silly season.

Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius are all about increased energy, a desire to activate and move toward what inspires us, helps us grow and gives us a sense of meaning and purpose.

We might feel more inspired now to think about how we would like to expand ourselves, our awareness, and our perspectives. This is an excellent time to envision how we can manifest new possibilities, opportunities, and growth potential.

This is also excellent energy for planning a trip, embarking on an adventure, or starting new projects that require a lot of optimism. We do need to be aware of perhaps making sure we have covered all the details as this energy is all full of enthusiasm but not necessarily staying power. Do remember to plan to plan

In Australia, Saggie season marks a time of moving into Summer, getting our holiday vibe on and letting go of the year's stresses. Sag is our mutable fire energy, the last of the fire signs in the zodiac. It is forward-moving energy, always looking forward to the next adventure, the next great idea or philosophical trend.

Optimism and Sagittarius energy go hand in hand. They have great faith in the bounty of the universe and a tremendous capacity to learn from and gain meaning from life. In general, Sagittarian energy is hard-wired to see the glass half full, look for the best in life, and be consistently faithful that things will be ok.

On the 27th, Mars and the Sun oppose the Full Moon in Gemini at 4 degrees of Gemini. This Full Moon will feel lighter energy than some of our more recent Full Moons. The Gemini Sagittarius polarity includes themes that may come up regarding which piece of the picture we see, are we obsessing over details or spending too much time with our heads in the clouds? We may also have the opportunity to solidify some of our ideas and plans as Saturn is in relationship to this lunation, adding a little more of a serious and grounded note to the equation. Of course, there will be much more about this Full Moon at the time.

We may find our thinking and communication styles more grounded, practical, and real when Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 2nd. This is a positive element throughout this Sagittarius season, helping us focus and solidify our ideas. However, Mercury will turn retrograde on December 13th until January 1st and, on the 23rd of December, will move back into Sagittarius for a while, then turn back into Cap on the 13th of January.

We taste more Scorpio energy when Venus moves into Scorpio on the 5th of December. This will add an element of intense passion to our already Firey Sagittarian Season and motivate us to connect with others on a deeper level.

Sagittarian energy is all about finding meaning and those elements that can expand our understanding of the world and our place in it. On the 7th of December, Neptune, our planet of spiritual mysticism, finally turns direct in its own sign of Pisces. If Sagittarius is about meaning, Pisces is about higher meaning spiritual connection, so we may feel more inclined toward spiritual pursuits.

Neptune falls into the mix during the New Moon in Sagittarius as well, occurring on December 13th. The New Moon will elevate all Sagittarian themes of thinking big, being optimistic, and hopeful, but with Neptune in the mix, we will need to be aware of perhaps wearing rose-coloured glasses and the potential of not seeing the truth in front of us, which can be a very Sagittarian trait. We should be encouraged now to be as realistic as we can but also to embrace this Neptunian energy and tap into our imaginations, intuition, and creativity, allowing us to dream bigger than we have been able to for a while.

Sag season asks us to have fun and expand our awareness to seek new experiences that offer us growth and broaden our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

As we move toward the end of the year, I will be winding up soon. I only have a few spaces left for you to unlock your future astrology with an astrology birth chart reading for this Sagittarian Season, so if you or someone you love would love a reading, follow the links here to book or e mail me directly for gift vouchers


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