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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

New Moon Gemini- Solar Eclipse. June 10th 8.08 pm Aust Eastern Standard Time

We recently experienced the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. I hope many of you got to witness this spectacular event and took the opportunity to release any belief systems that were no longer working for you. Two weeks later, with this solar eclipse and new Moon in Gemini, we are entering a phase of assessing and reviewing possible new ways of thinking of taking in new information.

What you have let go of as a belief system during the Sagittarius lunar eclipse now requires new

information. This solar eclipse in Gemini is all about further processing to collate the information you may need to develop new learnings that can later settle into new belief structures to serve you more beneficially.

This new moon solar eclipse sees both the Sun and the Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini sitting directly next to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, but Mercury is retrograde. This will slightly temper down the intensity of all this Gemini energy and provide the opportunity to do a lot of mental processing and evaluation about something you may have wanted to start. However, now you need to assess whether you have been thinking things through properly, to re-evaluate, reassess and review whether you have let go of some of the belief systems that could have been holding you back and what new thinking is going to serve you from here.

As much as new moons are about fresh starts, this one may feel like there is still much re-evaluation to be done during this solar eclipse. Perhaps something you have thought or some information you have been working with, you discover is not exactly as you first thought, and therefore you need to restart and make a second attempt.

This is still very much about Gemini energy, which is all about communication, listening skills, activity in your daily life, socialising, writing, speaking, connecting, learning, and our overall mental and sometimes nervous energies. Gemini is a dual sign, and Mercury is retrograde so on the one hand, you may be feeling propelled to begin a new mental activity or projects, but on the other, you discover further information that can potentially cause a pause, a slow down, a review.

During this solar eclipse, we also have Gemini energy in square to Neptune in Pisces, and this may place of veil of confusion over things. Neptune, on one level, can dissolve and confuse, and this aspect may make it harder to have genuine clarity in our mind. Where we may be craving detail and facts, Neptune makes it much harder. We could find ourselves at risk of not hearing what is indeed being said, receiving unclear instructions, getting information that is not exactly as it seems. So be extra aware of this. As much as you may wish to move forward on new projects, especially mental projects, or anything at all requiring detail, Neptune here is saying sorry... not quite yet.

On a higher level, Neptune represents our intuitive, imaginative and spiritual selves and knowing, so it could be very prudent to, rather than push against this energy, surrender to and trust that the unknowns and the timing will be right when it is right. Neptune will be hiding some of the details needed for proper new start energy during this time, so it could be very wise to simply sit with the fact that you don’t have all the details yet; you don’t have to figure it all out yet. This energy will pass, and by the time the Sun moves into Cancer and makes a trine energy to Neptune, things will become much more apparent.

The day after the solar eclipse, Mars moves from the sign of Cancer into Leo. Mars in Cancer may have had our emotions in full drive, where we could have reacted or overreacted to things that would usually not bother us so much, and our overall energy could have been rather sluggish. Now in Leo, Mars is much happier, and our will, passion, creativity and overall energy drive will increase. However, we will need to be aware that Mars is and will be in opposition to Pluto around the time of the eclipse, so any power struggles that we may have been dealing with in our lives could fire up at this time. Make sure you are clear in your listening and your communications, and be aware once again that you may not have all the facts and you may not have all the answers.

Exacerbating this energy is the second Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus aspect for the year. The first occurred in the middle of February this year. This time, Saturn is also retrograde, so this dampens this energy slightly, but this is still a clash both collectively and individually regarding our need for stability, security and certainty and our need for individual expression, freedom and breaking through outdated structures and rules. We can feel increased frustrations by restrictions and limitations placed on us, both individually and collectively; however, we will still need some structure to avoid complete chaos. Being actively creative with these energies can bring rise to new and rebellious ideas that we embed into our daily world. It is about finding a balance between structure and freedom, stability and rebelliousness. No doubt, this is uncomfortable energy, especially for those with strong chart placements in the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are all fixed signs that don’t budge easily, and one may feel as though they are working at cross purposes.

June is a big month astrologically, but with this new moon solar eclipse, I recommend moving more slowly than you usually would with lots of Gemini energy around. Take your time, and allow your intuition to help you, knowing that things will become clearer by mid next month.

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