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New Moon in Pisces

The beginning of a new moon cycle is where we look within and set our intentions of what we would like to achieve or manifest over the upcoming 28 days.

The year up until this point has been buzzing with the high vibrational energy of air signs and of course, the ever so inconvenient event of Mercury been retrograde.

With the new moon in Pisces joining the sun, this will be a literal expression of feeling like you are taking a deep breath, a breath of release and into the quieter feeling realms of Pisces.

Pisces represents all things 'other worldly' by this I mean, it is our alternate realities, those things we can not easily define. It's our creative instincts, deep feeling and intuitive natures, dreams, spiritual connections, the music of life, and the state of transcendence we can go into when we are in a purely creative space.

This is a very, very chilled out new moon, complemented by the fact that no real heavy aspects affect us at this time.

We are more able to access and intuit divine energy if we feel the need to call upon it. This energy is available in abundance during this new moon and can help us set our intentions for many Pisces related pursuits.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which dissolves boundaries, especially in regards to our imagination. Consequently, this new moon phase will be an excellent period for opening up, accessing and receiving messages that come via our imaginative state. This can be achieved by consciously choosing to mediate during this new moon, being aware of what our dreams may be telling us or simply tapping into our feelings and emotions .

There is no doubt that this mutable water phase is very much about our feelings.

However, feelings can be overwhelming, and indeed, this is the point, this new moon asks us to access them, to surrender to them and the divine in some way.

We may need to acknowledge what we may not have been facing in ourselves, what we have been ignoring, where we may have been lying to ourselves and set some intentions of how we may choose to deal with what we find.

  • How can you re imagine or re frame some of your emotions to better serve you?

  • What do you need to enable yourself to function more productively on an emotional level?

  • Do you need to begin a therapeutic process, perhaps to help yourself manage?

This new moon is all about asking what you can do to help use or transform your emotions for a more beneficial purpose in your life, rather than have your emotions control you?

Are there creative projects you would like to begin? If so, this is the perfect time to get out that paint brush, the camera, start writing the poetry that is inside you or dusting off that musical instrument you keep meaning to get back to. Set some realistic goals about your creative projects and get them going at this new moon phase.

How about simply stopping and relaxing into this new moon, taking a deep breath, especially if you have been abundantly busy throughout the first part of the year. Activity and busyness is often a way for us to avoid facing our inner selves; if we keep really busy, we don't need to listen to the depths of our psyches, which may just be asking for some well deserved time out.

Take some time to put on some music and allow yourself to go with the flow, to quieten down, tap into your feelings without judgement and set your intentions as we move toward the full moon in Libra on the 28th.

If you have any questions about this new moon energy, please e mail me at

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