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New Moon in Cancer. July 10th. 2021. Tap into the feeling realms

Here we are halfway through the year and well into Cancer season, where we have recently had some rather intense astrological aspects, particularly with Mars Squaring the Saturn Uranus opposition. The Moon and sun sit together in Cancer, and the energies of the crab are acutely emphasised during this new Moon on, which occurs on

11.17 am July 10th in Australia.

As all new Moons, this new Moon offers us an opportunity to make new goals, set agendas, and embark upon new activities or habits in line with Cancerian energies.

The Moon is happy in the sign of Cancer, where it can delve into the feeling realms, access emotions and go with the flow.

Are there any new emotional habits you would like to begin? For example, we may choose to become more mindful of how we react emotionally, positively and negatively, and how we express our emotions. This is an excellent time for changing emotional habits.

Do you express your emotions honestly or let them bottle up to keep the peace? This may be an area in which you want to change and start new habits, committing, for example, to be more upfront and honest with others about how you are feeling.

This may be especially true in our family environments at the moment. What new habits or plans do you have that involve your family? Is spending more time with them important to you? If so, now is the time to commit to doing so.

Family is a broad and fluid term these days, so even redefining and honouring what family means

to you is a positive expression of this new moons energies. Getting together around a table and sharing great food is a beautiful expression of Cancers energies Family at its most fundamental level means security. Cancer is all about exploring how we get our security needs met? Are there any changes you need to make in how you go about finding a sense of inner security? How are you nurturing yourself and others?

Ruling the archetypal mothering principle, Cancer represents how we were nurtured and how we nurture others, so spend some time in this space.

How is your relationship with your mother? Whether she is still with us or not, we are all affected by the mothering we had or did not have? Are there areas here in which you could make some positive changes? Forgiveness of the mothering you received or did not receive, perhaps. Do you need to make some peace in this area and begin new ways of viewing or expressing this part of your life?

For those of us who are mothers, how are we doing? Without dumping mother guilt on us, what could we improve concerning how we go about 'mothering.'? This has been a huge one for me, all this year as I resolve to step back from my mothering role and allow my child to walk on their path without me in their back pocket.

We are meeting the new Moon this month, with Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto, all playing a part and affecting this new Moon's energies. Chiron and Pluto are making a more challenging aspect to the Moon and the Sun and offer us an opportunity to dig deep into the feeling realms and do some sensitive healing work.

Suppose you need to heal any emotional wounds. In that case, stuff may come to the surface during this new Moon, so healing around the Cancerian principles again, of emotions, nurturing, and mothering all come to play.

This offers us an opportunity to work on forgiveness, emotional expression or create new habits for ourselves in these areas. However, be aware that the feelings might be scratchy, or you could find yourself in a power-play dynamic with women in your life. The energy will pass but using it to work on areas you might like to change is using it in its best possible fashion.

We should be able to tap into our intuitive, imaginative and creative selves as Neptune makes positive trine energy to the Moon. This can enable us to tap into others feelings and gain some insight we may not have seen previously. Neptune here also provides a canvas for creativity. Creative expression is an excellent way to access our emotions, so get out the paints, the musical instruments or simply get creative in the kitchen. Mars and Venus are both happy together in Leo during this time, too, adding a flare of drama or extra bling to our creative pursuits, so this is an excellent time to begin new projects.

The sun moves into fiery Leo on the 23rd and is followed by the next full Moon in Aquarius the next day. I will have more to say about all of this closer to the time, but Leo is one of my favourite seasons and it looks set to be a little more workable than the month just gone.

If you are interested in exploring your chart and the astrological energies available to you, go to my web site online. Please remember to subscribe, follow, share etc and I will see you all soon as we meet the Sun in Leo and play with the full moon in Aquarius.


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