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Here we are with the new moon joining all the other planets in Aquarius - 6 of them to be exact and they line up all next to each other. The last time this happened was back in 1972.

The beginning of a new moon cycle is where we look within to discover what the new cycle is all about and set our intentions of what we would like to achieve or manifest over the upcoming 28 days.

This particular new moon is quite potent with a great emphasis on Aquarian energy, which I have mentioned previously is all about the collective energy, change and reform, freedom and liberation and group experiences of all kinds, business, political and social.

This new moon is an excellent time for us to connect and reconnect with your 'tribe', your chosen family, the people who share your unique and special interests or a cause that you are aligned to.

If you have a particular project that requires assistance, this is the perfect timing to ask for and seek help from others who share your vision.

This energy is also about harnessing connections with those people, politics, systems and causes that are moving toward a new and larger vision of the future.

Aquarius energy is also about looking forward to our hopes, wishes and future visions and making improvements, tweaks and changes to bring us closer to our vision, ideals and ideas about the future. Given Aquarius is also about science and technology, using new methods or a new piece of technology to help you achieve your goals, is enhanced here. Do remember that Mercury is retrograde until the 20th so perhaps set your intentions but don't press 'install' until after the 20th….

This new moon is very much about reflecting on what we are 'called' to do especially toward a larger collective purpose. Is there anything that is 'calling' you at the moment or that you have perhaps been ignoring? Now is the time to look forward and discover what you may feel your calling truly is and how you can plan to achieve it.

This is also a period in which you can examine how you work personally within group dynamics. With so many planets in Aquarius, the energy is dense, offering us an opportunity to assess if we are too focused on what the group or the collective wants at the expense of our individuality and uniqueness. Do you speak your truth in the collective or group sense or just go along with the flow? How are these dynamics working for or against you at this time?

On a more extensive and collective sense, this abundance of planets asks all of us to examine what and where we wish to see change and how we might go about achieving it. Aquarius is the sign of revolution, of rebellion. One of Aquariuses greatest assets in my mind is the energy push it offers to open up our minds and accept change, diversity, integration of the disenfranchised and how our systems support or hinder this essence for the future.

There is tension supplied by Mars in Taurus making a square aspect to all this Aquarius about our past vs our present, restriction vs freedom, establishment vs start-ups. All these 'themes' will be heavy and evident in our personal and collective space over the next 28 days.

Venus and Jupiter are also lined up in Aquarius during this period. It offers us the potential to find agreement, common ground, and focus on moving forward, both collectively and personally.

Additionally, with Saturn in Aquarius, we can ask ourselves what the structures, rules and disciplines we require to where we want to head?

Use this full moon energy to meditate on these things and set your intentions for the next 28 days. The most potent time to set your new moon intention is after 6.23 am on the 12th Feb until about 4.00 pm on the same day. Australian Eastern Standard time.

If you have any questions about the new moon or astrology in general feel free to email at

Happy New Moon in Aquarius


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