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This is not your average Leo full moon. The moon is being illuminated with the Sun conjunct expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn in Aquarius, whilst make square energy to Uranus and Mars in Taurus.

This combination will most dramatically affect the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

When the full moon is opposite the Sun and conjunct Jupiter, it is traditionally considered very lucky. With Mars and Uranus's activation, this full moon could bring blessings, luck, and surprises out of the blue.

It is a beautiful time to manifest some big and hopeful wishes on a more psychological level, primarily focusing on you and what you want. What are your hopes and desires, and mostly how you wish to express yourself honestly and what gifts you can bring to the collective?

Given the world's craziness and the seemingly constant focus on the collective, society, politics and how we connect to our fellow humans, this full moon is asking us to spend some time focusing on ourselves. Leo is an expressive, energetic fire sign, and Leo moon energy is very much about' the self.'

We are not being asked to turn our gaze away from the collective and the more significant needs of society at this time, in fact, the very opposite as there is so much energy in the sign of Aquarius, but this full moon reminds us we are connected but equally independent. So, take some time to ask yourself, what do YOU want right now? What is true for you?

Leo rules the heart, so this energy is all about connecting with what is in your heart, expressing your hearts desires, love and wisdom. Use this energy to get in touch with your love for yourself, honour yourself and the magnificence that is you.

On the day of the full moon, do something that celebrates you. Express your creativity, get in touch with your inner child, play a little, whatever it takes to applaud you for you, is what Leo full moons are lovely for.

The Aquarian energy in opposition to the Leo full moon is also asking us to look within, discover what you are being called to do regarding the collective, and shape a new and forward-moving society. What expressive, creative and abundant energy can you bring to this time's collective power, what unique gifts do you have to share with the world, that can genuinely make it a better place?

The abundance of energy we have in the sign of Aquarius is also an excellent time for generating new ideas, innovations and sparks of genius. With Saturn and Jupiter joining the Sun in opposition to the moon, it is possible to set the groundwork and structure to activate some rather revolutionary and evolutionary ideas, both for society as a whole and on an individual basis. Saturn, in particular, is asking what will you be taking forward with you, what are you building that can bring love ( Leo) and change ( Aquarius) to the future?

There are undoubtedly forces for change at play, an awakening of sorts. This could manifest on both personal and collective levels. Signs that will feel it the most are the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius. These are all signs that don't really like change, but there is awakening energy, liberation energy of throwing out the old to make way for the new being asked of them right now. This energy could manifest as something you thought of that was certain, which is now literally being thrown up in the air. The trick is to go with the flow, embrace and get used to it. This will be much easier in the long run than battling against this energy at the moment.

If you have one of these signs predominant in your chart, be proactive, not reactive, take some time during the full moon to examine those habits, or thought patterns that no longer serve you and then spend some time releasing them. Personally, during a Leo full moon, I like to work with fire and write down that which I want to move away from and then burn it…..safely of course.

So this full moon accentuates the astrological energy that has been dominant since the beginning of 2021. This is period where both personally and collectively we are being forced to grow. Uranus is a cosmic awaken-er- bringing forth a blast of fast-moving energy and our emotional selves have to adjust to all of it during and around the period of this full moon.

What you thought was certain might be thrown up in the air. The good news is this is fast-paced energy that can move us forward quickly rather than having a long drawn out process.

None the less many will feel exhausted and potentially overwhelmed at this time, with so much happening so remember to take deep breaths. Mostly, the energies are here to open us up to new pathways, support new ventures, and help bring about new successes.

On a more mundane level, this is also an excellent time for meeting new people and forging new relationships, especially with groups or types of people you would not normally associate with.

Despite the fact there are many restrictions ( Saturn) worldwide right now on physically meeting people, the internet and technology offer us a portal and opportunity to connect with people in a new way. ( Aquarius).

Similarly, the Leo full moon in opposition to Aquarius asks us to honour our 'tribe'. The full moon offers us celebratory energy to honour 'our' people. Unlike traditional family, these are the people who make us genuinely feel great about ourselves and love us for who we are. The full moon energy offers us an opportunity to acknowledge and remind them of our love for them.

Remember, you are being asked to be true to yourself, during this chaotic period and find an inner strength, courage and open hardheartedness that you can share with the world when you are ready. Things to help you do this during the full moon include, getting in touch with your inner child, expressing yourself creatively, playing and having fun just for the sake of it, reciting positive self focused affirmations in the mirror, releasing elements of yourself or within your life, that no longer serve you.

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