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Launching Aspect Astrology

After spending many years, studying, teaching and consulting in astrology, I have decided now is the time to step it up a notch. It is time I take a step on the path of my passion and bring my own flavour of astrology consultations to the world. I have therefore begun my own in person and online astrology consultation service called Aspect Astrology.

I launch today, December the 21st, 2020 whilst we experience a once in 800 year extremely close conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius - The Great Conjunction. These are the energies we need to drive the collective consciousness of the future forward, to integrate, liberate and change our political, social and personal behaviours. This conjunction will lead us to become more aware of the effect the individual plays in the greater whole, Covid hopefully has at least taught us this.

As Above, So Below- as they say. Jupiter rules the sky, the heavens, the aboveness of it all and Saturn certainly represents the earth, earthly structures, our realities. How will we best integrate both on every level?

I have chosen the name Aspect Astrology for two reasons. Firstly I am fascinated in how we can learn and benefit in getting to know ALL the aspects of ourselves, via a natal chart exploration. Secondly the Aspects in astrology are the areas and themes I am most interested in and the key to personalised consultations that go far deeper and have more meaning than a generic report off the interweb. It is in studying the Aspects, or as I also refer to them as, harmonic vibrations, that we get to understand how the various aspects of ourselves get along....or do not. Are they in tune, are the discordant? How can they integrate to make better music and how can learn to use your various aspects to work for you, rather than against you.

I will be looking at the energies at play, especially luna cycles and contribute my version of astrological insight to the world via this blog, Instagram, Facebook....all the usual. I don't know if I will contribute much that is different to a lot of the astrology content out there, but I will simply be satisfied with what I feel I should and can contribute and I look forward to your feedback.

I am available for personal on- line or in person consultations. I am covering the following five types of consultations, and note they are consultations, its a discourse, a conversation, not an astrologer 'reading' your chart and you dont get a look in...



I am looking for any help in promoting my web site, social media and consultation bookings. Additional information and booking requests can be made directly on my web site or via e mail

In exchange for your promotional help dear friends, take advantage of my special offer...Yep just for you I am offering a 15% discount on your future consultation and $20.00 off your next consultation when you refer a friend who has booked and had their appointment. In the request to book section, , add 4 week friend discount.

So, wish me luck and join me as I take a step to finally do what I say I should be doing, for years.

Welcome to Aspect Astrology

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