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Last Full Moon of 2020. Full Moon in Cancer, Dec 29/30

So here we are at the end of an extremely unusual and challenging year for us all. As we move to say goodbye to 2020, we can work with the energy of the full moon in Cancer to help release the past and prepare ourselves for the new. We began 2020 with this full moon, so it is auspicious that we are also ending it with the same energetic principles of Cancer


I am hopeful that we have all learned much from 2020. This can be an important time to reflect on insights we have gained and those lessons that relate to Cancer's energy.

Cancer rules the moon, and the moon represents our emotions and what we need to feel safe and secure. These feelings were undoubtedly shaken up in 2020 ( with the help of some extreme planetary alignments).

Many of us spent more time at home than we usually would. Cancer rules the home, family, the mother and nurturing principle, so its important to reflect on this.

Many people found themselves having to work with their families on a whole new level, balancing working from home, losing work altogether, and homeschooling while trying to remain sane.

Families were challenged in many ways, having to spend time close to one another whilst also not seeing or visiting other family members. In contrast, others were isolated, alone and unable to see one another and missing hugs' healing power.

Our sense of certainty and security was challenged in ways that were entirely foreign for us.


Acknowledging and appreciating what you have gained or learned about your family during this year is a beautiful way to work with this moon's energies. Bake that cake, tell your family you love them or embrace those who are your chosen family. If your family dynamics did not work favourably for you, acknowledge this and let any unresolved emotions consciously go, rather than taking them with you into 2021.

Emotionally many of us will have felt the year's heaviness take a toll on our overall well being.

Cancer is a water sign, and water rules the emotions, so when the moon is full in the sign of Cancer we have the opportunity to take stock of our emotional health.

Releasing the year's emotional baggage and heaviness will be essential to moving into 2021 with a renewed optimism and energy for change. Full moon energy is all about endings. An excellent way to help release yourself of the emotional baggage is to write down all you want to remove yourself from and then bury or burn (safely of course) the paper you have written on.

I find immersing yourself in water also to be a significant way to one, honour the water element, and use the water's symbology to cleanse away emotions you need to release. It can be as simple as taking a beautiful bath, surrounded by candles. When you pull the plug to let the water go, visualize all the emotions you don't want to take into 2020 flowing away down the drain with the water.

Cancer rules the divine feminine, the nurturer, the women in our lives. This full moon offers us a delicious opportunity to honour the important women who nurture us in many ways. Send a message to the women in your life that nurtured your spirit throughout 2020. Thank them for the role that they play. I, for one, would not have gotten through 2020 without my women friends' solace, even it is was on the other end of a zoom session.

This full moon is in sextile to Uranus, the bringer of positive change, scientific discovery, major breakthroughs and collective growth. This is a wonderful period for trying new things, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and getting those New Years resolutions in order.

For New Year's Eve, the moon moves into Leo's sign, and no one loves a party more than Leo. It will be time to say farewell to a crazy year and move into 2021 with renewed hope.

2021 will bring much change, but it won't be as simple as watching the clock tick over and forgetting that 2020 ever happened. Shifts that began in 2020 with the significant planetary movements will continue into 2021 but with a fresh perspective. My next post in the New Year will explore what to expect in 2021.

Happy Full Moon

Happy New Year

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