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Full Moon in Virgo

After the frenetic energy of the abundance of planets in Aquarius,this full moon in Virgo provides us with an opportunity to get grounded, organised, focused and cleanse anything from our lives that no longer serves us.

The moon will be full in the sign of Virgo in opposition to the sun in Pisces on February 27th at 6.14 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. This Virgo full moon will also be in relationship to one of the most significant planetary aspects of 2021-Saturn and Uranus in square to each other.

The moon makes a quincunx to Saturn, highlighting the need to face and manage duties and responsibilities. It trines Uranus, making achieving these goals more manageable.

As with every full moon, it is a time of release, freeing yourself of elements that no longer serve you, but if we focus on what this means from a Virgoan/Piscean perspective, we can use the energies for letting go and bringing positive change into our lives.

Every full moon offers us an opportunity to integrate both the sun and the moon's energies in opposition and seek a balance. With the sun in Pisces and the moon is in Virgo, we need to integrate and find the balance between the following opposing forces:

  • Chaos( Pisces) with order ( Virgo),

  • The need for perfectionism with wholeness,

  • Being of service on a practical level with selfless service,

  • Practicality with impracticality,

  • Criticism with acceptance.

In opposition to Pisces' feeling realm, we may also experience an abundance of emotions that we need to "work" with in a practical fashion. This is not a time to repress our feelings and emotions, so we must find ways of integrating and expressing them in as a rational and practical way as possible.

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, holding a sheaf of wheat, sowing the rewards of the harvest, bringing practical nurturing and service to the world via the offering of grain to feed us. This symbology says a lot about the nature of the mutable earth sign of Virgo. Virgo is a sign that is happiest when serving others on a practical level. Both Pisces and Virgo need to be of service, to feel useful and necessary. They manifest in different ways, but in Virgo, the need to care practically is powerful. This is an energy that can discerningly see problems and has an innate need to fix them. So if you can be of valuable service to someone who needs a helping hand at this time, it is an excellent way to utilise the Virgo full moon energy.

Virgo energy needs to bring things to their optimal state, to seek perfection often. Of course, perfection can be hard to achieve. Still, at its core, Virgo energy needs to sort, grade, classify, organise and detail all aspects of life. Virgo has an innate talent for discerning what to value and what to reject.

Take advantage of this full moon energy to get the details of your life sorted and organised. Attending to that deep clean in your home or workplace can be a practical way to work with this energy. Metaphorically a deep clean can offer many symbolism levels for our lives. Putting conscious awareness to cleansing on both a physical, mental and spiritual level is a beautiful way to use this energy.

The Virgo need to purify is also reflected in their desire for optimal health and healthy routines. Therefore this is a perfect time to rid yourself of any unhealthy habits and begin new health regimes. Focus on building up your immune system, book in that yearly doctor's appointment. Check the aches and pains in your body and perhaps book in a massage to release any bodily tensions you have been holding.

Consciously letting go of physical and mental health habits that no longer serve us can be achieved during this full moon. Write down what you wish to let go of and under the full moonlight, bury that piece of paper deep into the earth for it to dissolve. You can then physically plant new seeds ( representing the seeds of change) where you have buried your paper if you like. As you attend to your new plant, you are reminded of your new health, growth, and changed habits.

Attending to the earth is a powerful Virgo energy. At night, physically lying on the earth can connect us to the sacredness of the planet we live on. Planning and starting a new garden is also an excellent way to use Virgo's full moon energy.

This full moon's effects will be felt mostly by those with Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini predominant in their chart.

For a detailed and personalised perspective on how the moon's energy affects you, forward any questions directly to or book in for a private and personalised chart consultation.

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