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Full Moon in Scorpio


Let's be upfront right from the beginning- this is NOT an easy or a comfortable full moon, especially for my friends with Taurean, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius energy featured in their chart, but it can offer up many gifts if we consciously chose to work with the powers of this full Moon.

The Sun is in earthy Taurus, and the Moon will be in opposition in watery Scorpio on April 27th at 2.00 pm Aus Eastern Standard Time.

In opposition, the energy of Scorpio is asking us to go within, go beneath the surface to heal and transform any emotional issues we may have been trying to avoid.

Scorpio is, I think, a very misunderstood energy, one that does not necessarily fit with the mundane aspects of everyday life. The energy of Scorpio is all about facing the taboo subjects of life, sex, death, money, power, the occult and ultimately transformation. We are mostly conditioned not to discuss or openly flaunt these areas of our lives; these important human condition subjects usually lie behind closed doors and often beneath the surface.

Scorpio does not do triviality, it is deep, it is intense, and yes, it can be dark, but it is when we allow ourselves to consciously go into the darker parts of our psyche that the most significant transformation and healing can occur. We are conditioned to avoid these parts of our nature; We are much happier existing in the Taurueam realms of pleasure-seeking, security building and the practical realities of getting on with life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; this is all part of our existence, but so are our nature's deeper, emotional parts that we usually prefer to avoid, cover-up or project onto others.


Joseph Cambell

That which we fear the most usually has the most significant lessons for us to learn, and if we can work consciously with the depths, we can transform and emerge new. Scorpio can represent death in both its physical and symbolic meanings. If Taurus represents the physical world and nature, Scorpio represents the decay, the end that must be before a new and different beginning can emerge. It is about death and rebirth and what you need to let go of for the new to emerge.

If you feel safe and willing, this is an excellent time to stop, take a deep breath and turn inward and explore what you may have been holding onto and holding off dealing with. The energy of this full Moon asks you to go here, and to find the path to healing. This may manifest as a conscious choice to seek the counselling you know could benefit you; it may be writing to express emotions you have not put a name to; it may simply be deep meditation and allowance of what needs to come to you.


With any full moon, a light is shone on the more feminine, intuitive, emotional and psychic parts of our nature so embrace these parts of yourself in whatever way these energies resonate with you.

Scorpio rules the occult, which the dictionary defines as mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena. If you are comfortable working with these practices, this is an excellent time to use these tools to assist you potentially.

We can use this full Moon to explore the patterns of our nature we may be suppressing and that is controlling us on an unconscious level. A brilliant way to explore these patterns is to

GET A PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CHART READING DONE.....and yes I will use this as a self promotion plug!


Mars enters the sign of Cancer a few days before the full Moon. Traditionally, Mars is not too comfortable in watery Cancer, but its pull will be about exploring the feminine, energy and mother earth during the full Moon. Using the earthy elements in a ritualistic way can help focus on what

we want to acknowledge and transform. Given the water and earth polarity of this full Moon, using either or both elements in a conscious way can assist the healing space.

During this full Moon, what comes up for you can be written down, and emerged in water to dissolve or buried into the earth to let go off. This energy is all about Letting Go.


On the upside, Taurus is a sensual sign connected to our physical senses in every way; Scorpio rules the sexual act and sexual expression, the trans-formative and healing element that can come from sex. We have come a long way in freeing sex from being a taboo subject, of inviting sexual equality and gender identity revolutions; however, there is a long way to go.

Despite this, this full Moon invites us to celebrate and safely explore all things sexual in our world.

Conversely, if you have any sexual wounding, this is an excellent time to explore, acknowledge and ideally heal at least some part of your wounding. I recommend using professional therapists to help you explore and heal.


Additional to this full Moon is the conjunction of Uranus, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus. That's quite a line up who ideally would like to keep things exactly as they are; thank you very much. These planets in Taurus want stability, security, an indulgence of the senses, and the practicalities of the world. Not so the Moon in Scorpio and not so Saturn in Aquarius which are making a square aspect to both the Sun a the moon. So what does this mean?

You have to face some unexpected shit that came up during this full Moon and it is totally ok to sit with it, take time to process, trust what you feel and gather your wisdom.

The Scorpio full moon could bring up emotions from under the surface or via others; Saturn asks us to face it, in essence, to meet a reality check, and all the energies in Taurus ask us what we are going to do about it on a practical level. To add more complexity to all of this, one of the rulers of Scorpio, Pluto, stations direct just after the full Moon, intensifying the energy and accentuates the need to look within and undergo some internal processing.


This period is not a time of great action and movement like we had during the previous Aries season, it is about slowing down, getting quiet and going within. This is absolutely a period of taking time in deciding what you would like to build towards by the time of the Taurus new Moon, but it is also a time of not listening to the status quo, of doing things your way, not the way social norms have expected them.

The square energy from Saturn is an opportunity to pause, take stock in this emotionally intense period and allow yourself to feel, trust what you feel and slowly work toward the changes that you need to make. It is ideal for making this a slow process, there is no rush, and much wisdom can be gained during the waiting.


In its more negative manifestation, the Scorpio Taurus polarity can bring forth feelings of jealously and envy with a touch of emotional manipulation or lying thrown in. Scorpio and Taurus energy both can become overly attached, obsessive and controlling, and when things are not going their way, the darker sides of their natures can come to the surface. Whether these feelings lie within you or are triggered in others toward you, they are best to be dealt with and cleared if possible during this full Moon.

On a more mundane level, this full Moon will also bring up general questions about managing your finances and any shared resources you may have with others. Is your management of your money and your relationship with money working for you? Are there habits you might need to let go of ( like obsessive online shopping, for example)? The Taurus Scorpio duality highlights power and control issues around money and resources so that these things could come up for people.

Your values and what you value might also come into play during this period. One may experience some confrontation either internally or via others around their values systems.

The key thing to remember about this full Moon is to allow and accept the need to go within however much we may wish to avoid it. To use a quote from an unknown source,

Unless you learn to face your shadows, you will continue to see them in others because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you...unknown

Embrace the opportunity of this full Moon and if you are interested in exploring the shadows, please e mail me to do to my web site



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