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Full Moon in Pisces. Sept 21st. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The full moon occurs in Australia on September 21st around 10.00 am.

This is a sensitive, emotional and a bit of a tricky full moon, one that may feel as though you are taking two steps forward and then one step back. This theme seems to be playing out all over the place this year. Still, this full moon will emphasise this kind of energy and be incredibly potent for the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, especially if you have any planets in these signs at around 28 degrees. If you don't know your chart, email me directly, and I can send you a copy.

The full moon offers us a time of release, of letting go of what no longer serves us, allowing us to culminate that which we may have begun in the new moon phases, bringing our wishes and hopes to a culmination point.

As with any full moon, understanding the energetic themes of the signs that the moon and sun are in offers us a view of what we can expect and what we may look to work through whilst using these influences, and we also look to other astrological movements that occur around the same time.

This full moon is also occurring just before the spring equinox, in Australia on September 23rd at 5.20 am. The equinox officially marks the first day of spring here and the first autumn day in the Northern Hemisphere. In either location, they still represent a time when the length of the day and night are the same time; they are in balance. At the same time, the sun moves into the sign of Libra, which of course, is also about balance. More on that in my other post about the sun moving into Libra.

Back to this full moon. So we are in the duality of opposites between the mutable energy of Virgo and Pisces. This axis energy is, in essence, about service. On the one hand, we have the Virgo service function, serving the needs of the everyday routines in life, our health, being of service to others on a practical level. Pisces, on the other hand, in its highest vibration, is all about spiritual service, looking out for the needs of others in a selfless, compassionate, sacrificial way. One is certainly not 'better than the other; they need each other to function at their best. Together at their highest vibration, they can work in harmony to bring about great compassion, kindness, humility and sacrificial service to the world. On their flip side, however, they can both turn into Martyrdom and victim energy.

This full moon is an excellent time to think about acts of service, especially acts of kindness that extend beyond our own needs. We are in very complex times, and all around us are the energies of opposition between friends, family, political agendas and media. It is becoming excessively worn and tiresome for all of humanity. Tap into this full moon to think about how we may be able to step outside this space, be kind to others, and offer something to help others for the mere sake of it. Of course, this can also apply to ourselves. How can we be of better service to ourselves, our daily routines, or our spiritual practices? Are we in a harmonious balance of taking care of our daily routine needs with our spiritual needs?

We are very likely to feel extra sensitive at this time and, with it, extra intuitive. If working with your intuition is something you like to do, taking the specific time to use your intuition now may herald some great results. This energy is also beneficial for tapping into our imaginations and creativity. We are being asked to take a step away from our rational minds and delve into a feeling space. Meditation and getting in touch with our inner worlds and especially our hearts can reveal a lot to us during this period.

Pisces, in its essence, is about compassion and empathy, and this full moon will undoubtedly turn up the dial on these areas. Not only do we have the moon in the sign of Pisces, but it is sitting next to its ruler, Neptune. Together they meet in opposition to the Sun in Virgo, somewhat doubling the Piscean energy we may feel around this time. As mutable water energy, we are talking emotions. Still, we may feel unclear or confused about where our feelings are coming from. Emotions and feelings are always valid, but it may be just a little harder to pinpoint their origin or know what to do with them, and this is ok. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without attachment or over analysis.

Pisces is very much about deep emotional collective consciousness, and this is a time we may feel the impact of the collective emotional trauma we have all been through over the past year and a half. Of course, if there are any personal emotional issues for you that you may have been containing, this full moon may be a period in which you can no longer hold them back.

The moon is in a positive aspect to Pluto at this time, so things may come up from the surface that you can face now. Having a good cry and allowing yourself to feel the feels without attachment or judgement may be what is needed. Releasing emotional energy can be very cathartic during a full moon, and the old write it down and let it burn method is a beautiful way of dealing with and letting go of emotional baggage. Pisces being a water sign, I also highly recommend physically getting into the water. Taking a conscious bath, where you light some candles, dim the lights, play some music, add some salts and essential oils and immerse yourself in the water.

One of Pisces and Neptune's potential pitfalls is the desire to escape the 'real' world. Pisces is associated with escapism because so often, for this energy, the harshness of the 'real' world is too much and placing ourselves in an altered state or alternative reality is an easy, quick fix. Be aware of potential escapist tendencies at this time and nurture yourself or consciously remove yourself from any toxic or harmful energy if you can. If you need some space, some time alone, take it

Whilst the moon is full; we also have Jupiter making a trine aspect Mercury. On one level, this may work positively to expand our thinking and help us to broaden our minds, and we can certainly use it in combination with our imaginations at this time. It is an excellent period for tapping into our creative minds, our intuition and our imaginations. If you write or communicate as part of your vocation, this can work positively for you, but you need not overthink things and let the inspiration flow rather than force it. Pisces Moon with Neptune can not be harnessed or controlled, it simply has to flow in its own way. Pay extra attention to your dreams and messages you may receive from within them at this time. Using this full moon energy with its aspects to Neptune and Pluto can bring with it some very transformational emotional insights and revelations that you may be able to put to practical use. Keeping a journal or dream diary by the bed is highly recommended at this time.

The flip side of these particular transits is that we may start thinking that we are past the worst, that we can see our way out and that all will be fine. I would love to tell you this is the case, but it is fleeting energy and could manifest as a lot of noise without much substance, especially in the media. The trick is to really be careful in managing your thinking, attempt to rise about the noise, and not get distracted by loud opinions. This is a period where it is easier than usual to pick up and carry other peoples negative energy too, so it is essential to look after your own mental health.

With Neptune sitting next to the moon, one may feel a slight brain fog; our thinking may not be as straightforward as it is usually. It is not the best time for serious decision-making, but it is the time of learning to go with the flow, a lesson offered to Virgo from Pisces, to sometimes just let things be without having to find a solution or fix things. This is very much the energy of this full moon, learning to go with the flow, let go of control, accept your emotions for what they are, and take extra care of your mental health.

Of all the full moons, I find this one to be one of the most potent for me. My rising sign is Pisces, and I have Mars in Virgo. I am always looking for that balance between my practical and the spiritual worlds and every time, if I tap in, I gain something profound during this full moon. I hope you do too.

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