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Full Moon in Gemini. What are you thinking?

This full moon in Gemini occurs on Dec 19th in Australia. We are offered the opportunity to gain more clarity and a greater perspective on what may have come up for us during the new moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The solar eclipse marked the end of a karmic cycle and asked us to integrate learning from past behaviours that we can now bring into alignment with what we hope and believe for ourselves into the future. This full moon supports this sentiment and punctuates our need to let go of thinking patterns that no longer serve us.

The full moon may shine a light on additional themes attached to this sentiment; whatever may have come us for us in the new moon phase, we can now work with in more detail and release outmoded patterns of thinking.

This full moon is in a harmonious aspect of Sagittarius's ruling planet, Jupiter, finishing its journey through Aquarius before moving into Pisces on December 28. Together the moon and Jupiter offers us some unique gifts of opening up to see things differently or more clearly than we may have been able to do before. As we broaden our perspectives, we can decern what we don't want to take with us into the New Year. So one of the questions this full moon brings us is, What thinking or communication patterns would we like to leave behind as we step into the New Year.

In opposition to Sagittarius, Gemini is all about taking our base knowledge, our facts, and expanding our perspective to gain a broader view of the whole picture. We may be able to see things more clearly now and certainly gain perspective and wisdom, which in turn offers us potential for greater opportunities. If we have felt stuck all year, as though we're just going around in circles, this is an opportunity for some AH HA moments. In a positive aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, we may expand our view on how we operate as a collective.

Both these signs are about acquiring knowledge, gathering connecting and spreading information. They represent the polarity of the student ( Gemini) and the teacher ( Sagittarius), but of course, these archetypes are very much interchangeable. However, what can not be disputed is a genuine curiosity to know more for both signs. We can ponder what beliefs we may have about how we learn and whether these beliefs still serve us? As adults, we can be scarred by how we experienced learning in a traditional educational environment; it can lead us to hold onto beliefs about how we learn that stop or prevent us from pursuing new educational experiences. If there is something you have wanted to learn but have been afraid of the process, this is an excellent time to consciously let that fear go and embark upon a new frontier of learning something new.

Gemini and Sagittarius as signs, even though they are opposite, are very much qualities of youth;

in fact, these two signs have been blessed and tarnished with Peter pan attributes of not wanting to grow up pursuing eternal youth, fun and adventure. At its best, this is about nurturing a youthful spirit even into one's elder years. So we can spend some time on this full moon thinking about where we may be ageing too soon, where we may be harbouring too much responsibility and possibly not having enough fun. In contrast we can also ponder where in our lives we may need to grow up more and potentially leave our Peter Pan spirit behind, stepping up to the next phase or stage of our lives.

While we may have some fun around this immediate full moon phase, there are bigger items on the astrological agenda for the rest of the year and these may certainly colour and cloud our experience of what should be a fun and light full moon.

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn the day before this full moon, and whilst this is happening, she joins God of the Underworld, Pluto. Together, they don't necessarily make a happy couple but are powerful. At its essence, this may place a blanket of heaviness around our intimate relationships, a broody and potentially intense kind of feeling. We may need to ask ourselves where we are not fully in our power, especially within our intimate relationships and sexuality. Being in the sign of Capricorn, issues around power, material security, and our sense of self-value could also arise at this time

A few days later and culminating on Christmas Eve, we return to that push-pull theme we have been experiencing throughout 2021 with the Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square. This energy once again is the friction we feel both personally and collectively between the rules, the 'shoulds,' our obligations and responsibilities and our need for freedom and liberation, for breaking the rules, breaking down old structures that no longer serve us.

We may expect to see protests escalate, our institutions become increasingly fractured, and family gatherings during the holiday season become embroiled with differing beliefs and opinions, so watch out for friction around the dinner table. Personally, whatever we may have been holding onto and where we may have been resisting change will become harder to ignore and sweep under the carpet. This square energy will be affecting the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius the most potently. So whatever you may have been resisting may well come to the surface at this time.


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