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A Significant Shift- North and South Nodes Move into Aries and Libra

A significant astrological change is happening.

As an evolutionary astrologer, I work closely with what is known as the north and south nodes of the moon. Different to planets and their significance in your astrological chart, the nodes are the points where the moon crosses the ecliptic, which in astrology is our earth-based view of the apparent path that the sun takes. In evolutionary astrology, we focus deeply on the sign, house and aspects to the nodes on a deep soul evolutionary and collective level.

The signs that the nodes are in are always in opposition and change about every 18 months, and they are about to change now.

On the 17th, the Nodes will move out of the signs Taurus and Scorpio and into Aries and Libra, where they will be until January 2025.

On a personal level, if you have planets, key points such as the ascendant or midheaven or indeed your north and south nodes in these signs the impact will be significant on an evolutionary and soul level. To really understand the impact, however requires a deep dive into your personal chart, ideally with a professional evolutionary astrologer.

I have however written a little about what Transiting North Node through the houses may mean for you. If you know which house Aries falls in, or your rising sign, check it out below.

The South Node is an indicator of evolutionary, karmic or soul-based energy that we have brought in with us in this lifetime, it often indicates an area which we have an innate ‘knowing’ skills, talents or hang ups, a past life cellular memory where we may energetically carry ‘ stuff’ from a past life. Exploring the South Node in an evolutionary astrology reading may uncover some deep understanding of your life by giving you insight and making you conscious of past life residue that may still impact your present life.

The North Node on the other hand points to where we need to move toward in this life to evolve from our past into our present and soul direction. The sign, house and placement highlight what we need to activate and move toward consciously. However, it may not feel innate or natural to us as this is what we are ‘learning’ in this lifetime.

The South and the North Nodes are always in opposite signs and now we begin a new and significant shift into the North Node being in Aries and the South Node being in Libra.

So, what will this mean on a collective level?

Many theories are floating around about the possible impact of the nodes moving into the duality of self and other. Aries, as the first sign of the Zodiac, is self-focused, ruled by Mars; it is also associated with the heroes’ journey, embarking upon and starting something new, and exploring new horizons. To do what Aries energy needs to do, to find inner-courage and to take action, the sense of self needs to be strong. Freedom and independence are keys for this sign.

In opposition is Libra, ruled by Venus and turning away from the focus on the self to focus on the ‘other’ . Partnerships, including business and intimate partnerships, are Libran territory.

Libran energy is other focused. This is the part of ourselves that needs others, wants to relate but also find harmony, balance and peace, sometimes at the cost of our sense of self. Libra energy is very good at putting others first.

With the Nodes traversing both of these signs, themes of the self vs. the other may surface.

This energy asks of us on a collective level to find balance between self-focus and other focus, find ways to help others, see different perspectives and deeply understand others but not lose our sense of self in the process.

Questions and themes around where we may over-compromise in an effort to keep the peace will come to the surface. We may be more challenged to find and be true to our real, most authentic selves, including expressing ideas and opinions others may not like. I feel collectively this will be an interesting time regarding free speech, political correctness and how far we want to take these issues as a society.

The Aries Libra axis may offer us all an opportunity not to let the opinions of others cripple us. As always, being in duality it is all about finding balance, balance between the self and the other, finding personal courage and self-expression but also focusing on not harming others in the process. Libra always in opposition to Aries, is about playing fair.

Collectively we may also see the pace of life pick up and a feeling as though we need to move, act, initiate, and break new ground. The North Node in Aries may bring with it fast innovation and some 'out there' ideas but we may feel things are moving much faster than we would like them to. This may be especially true regarding technology when Pluto moves back into Aries.

Where Aries falls in your chart is the area of life that will be activated for the next 18 months that asks you to take assertive action to start something new.

North Node in Aries transiting your first house: ( Aries Rising)

This is a time to put yourself first, especially your self-expression, both verbally, creatively and physically. This period is an opportunity to focus on you and confront whatever fears you allow to hold you back.

North Node in Aries transiting your second house: ( Pisces Rising)

This is a time to focus on your sense of self-worth and how you actively define where and how you derive that. It is an especially positive period to set material and financial goals that feed into your values, not anyone else's.

North Node in Aries transiting your third house: ( Aquarius Rising)

This is a great time to get courageous about learning and massaging your curiosities and intellect. Start that new course and focus on self-expression and communication that is authentically yours.

North Node in Aries transiting your fourth house: (Capricorn Rising)

This a positive period for getting courageous about facing your inner world, your deep subconscious and perhaps dealing with past issues, including family issues that need to be healed. This is a very positive time for building new foundations for your life.

North Node in Aries transiting your fifth house: (Sagittarius Rising)

Activate your courage to tap into your creativity in however that manifests for you. This is an excellent time to begin new creative projects and to remind yourself about joy. This is a great time to allow yourself just to have more fun if you can.

North Node in Aries transiting your sixth house: ( Scorpio Rising)

This is a great time to find ways to bring new and meaningful daily routines into your life, especially ones that may relate to your work life or to your health. This can also be a brilliant time to learn a new skill that will serve you.

North Node in Aries transiting your seventh house: ( Libra Rising)

Focus will be on relationships but relationships that help you grow as a person. This is a wonderful time for finding ways to express yourself more authentically in your relationships and to work on any personal issues with boundaries

North Node in Aries transiting your eighth house: ( Virgo Rising)

Getting deep and meaningful can be a focus now. This is a wonderful time to connect with others, especially on an intimate level, really deeply. This can also be a great time to get more courageous with your sexual expression and needs.

North Node in Aries transiting your ninth house: ( Leo Rising)

This a time to find your inner courage to be adventurous and find ways to expand your horizons, either via travel education or embracing a new philosophy. This is all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

North Node in Aries transiting your tenth house: ( Cancer Rising)

Taking the bold steps to activate something new or exciting in your career or passion vocation. If you have been feeling stuck in a rut this is an excellent time to focus courageously on your dreams and goals- to go ask for that pay rise for example.

North Node in Aries transiting your eleventh house: ( Gemini Rising)

This is a time to be more bold and courageous about being your authentic self, especially regarding breaking away from others' expectations of you. This is a great time to find your tribe and align with people who share your hopes and dreams.

North Node in Aries transiting your twelfth house: ( Taurus Rising)

If you have wanted to devote more time and attention to your spiritual life, this is the time to do so. Peace, quiet and retreat is what is needed so finding the courage to set this time and space for yourself is perfect


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