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Dear Aspect Astrology subscriber,

I am writing to inform you that Aspect astrology account on Instagram has been hacked. Please DON NOT RESPOND to any messages from this account, nor interact with it in any way....for now. My e mails and web site are safe but Insta account is not. Most posts will look like they are about bitcoin. However I do not deal in bit coin. Also do not respond to any messages that are asking for help of any sort. I will never send out these kinds of messages.

THANK YOU. I am trying to get to as many people as I possibly can.

At the moment it look like I have completely lost that Instagram account after spending so much time and effort accumulating followers. If I start a new account that is safe, I will let you know via this e mail blog first.

Make sure you all have 2 factor authentication on all your social accounts. I had it on my personal one but not on this one......STUPID.

Any I thought things were going to go better now Mercury has gone direct!!!!!

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