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Virgo Full Moon. Getting Grounded Again

Its been a crazy couple of weeks as we traversed the deep waters of Pisces season.

As we head into this full moon we are given the opportunity to ground ourselves again, to put practical applications in place for healing and to release daily habits that no longer serve us.

It has been a crazy few weeks here so I am changing things up a little.

To access EVERYTHING you could need to work with this full moon, download my Virgo Full Moon Workbook here:

Virgo Full Moon 2022 Workbook
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It includes a comprehensive overview on this full moon, questions for self reflection, affirmations and rituals for everyone to work with, details about what the moon means in astrology AND a very details summary of what it means if your natal moon is in the sign of Virgo, with a special self reflection section for our Virgo moon people. Let me know what you think.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo

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