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The Sun Moves into Sagittarius. Get ready for the silly season

Get your party dress out, it's season, also known as the silly season, for a good reason. The sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November. Things become a bit chaotic socially as we head towards the end of the year and well, let's be honest, Sag as energy is rather 'silly'.

Those born under this sign, yours truly included, know all too well how important being silly is. Given the years we have just had, this is the time to let your hair down. It is time to come up from the proverbial basement of Scorpio season and come out into the world, to dance like no one's watching and revel in the sheer joy of life.

In Australia, Saggie season marks when we progress out of Spring and toward Summer, getting our holiday vibe on, letting go of the stresses of the year. Sag is our mutable fire energy, the last of the fire signs in the zodiac. It is forward moving energy, always looking forward to the next adventure, the next great idea, the following philosophical trend.

Optimism and Sagittarius energy go hand in hand. They have great faith in the bounty of the universe and a tremendous capacity to learn from and gain meaning from life's hard knocks. In general, Sagittarius energy is hard wired to see the glass half full, to look for the best in life and be consistently faithful that 'she'll be right mate."

At its core, Sagittarius's is compelled to search. They are forever on a quest, whether this is physical, mental, philosophical or spiritual. Their purpose is to ask life's biggest questions and seek answers and meaning.

Sag season asks us to not only have fun but to expand our awareness, to seek new experiences that offer us growth and broaden our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

Sag rules the wondering spirit, the traveller, the nomadic types that wonder lustfully and never put down roots. Travelling is so important to the Sag as it is one of the many ways to expand their awareness. There is nothing like new and foreign lands and cultures to broaden our world view, increase our understanding of the world, and gain deep self-knowledge during the experience.

If you can take yourself outside of your comfort zone and travel anywhere that you have not been before, this is the perfect time to do so.

If travelling is out of the picture, pick up that book you have been meaning to read, take that short course you have been seeking to take, make the honest effort to learn something new, something that broadens your horizons and that can add meaning to your life

Mercury, the planet that rules our cognitive rocket fuel, moves to meet the sun in Sagittarius on November 24. Mercury in Sag will ignite our mental need to explore. This would be ideal to start blue-skying and brainstorming what ideas you may have for the upcoming year. Mercury in is Sag is big picture thinking. This is not a time for detail orientated work; this is a time of imagining all possibilities for yourself, for accessing your dreams and sharing your wild ideas as far and wide as possible.

During Saggie season, we can tap into the energy of abundant gratitude, seeing the nuances and meanings in life's events. What are you most grateful for? How does it add meaning to your life, and how can you integrate it into a philosophical foundation for life?

We have a new moon in Sagittarius on December 4. This new moon coincides with a solar eclipse and will heighten this new moon phase's energy, particularly for the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces.

This new moon is all about throwing your wishes, hopes and dreams out to the universe to wish upon a star. To find internal faith in yourself and in the universe to look after you. Saggies are one of the most spiritually focused of the signs, always seeking meaning. Facts for fact's sake and interesting information is the realm of the opposite sign Gemini, but in Sag we need to integrate those facts and give them meaning. This will be a wonderful new moon to focus on your spiritual and growth goals and what you will manifest into your life to support them.

The ability to tap into our imaginations will be heightened around the 8th - 15th as Mercury, and then the sun makes a square energy to Neptune. Neptune rules our dream state, our deepest imaginations and our creativity. Neptune heightens our sensitivities, and this manifests and can be used and abused in various ways. We can use this energy to connect to deep meaning in our lives, deep spiritual connection, or we can use it literally to drown out any overwhelming feelings. Using and abusing substances and addictive tendencies often come into play when Neptune is involved. Similarly, Sagittarius often does not know when they have had enough of a good thing. You would be wise to take it a little easier during the party season

On the 14th, Mars also joins the clan of planets in Sag, heightening our need for travel, freedom, partying, celebrating, reading, and philosophising. Mars in Sag can be brutally honest. This is the time of classic Sagittarius foot in mouth disease, of not thinking before you say or do something you might regret later. Mars in Sag is an excellent placement to have seated at the table of any brainstorm sessions you might need to have before the New Year.

ON December 16, we have our last full moon for the year in the sign of Gemini. It will be a fitting full moon for the end of the year that has seen such polarisation of ideas and belief, information and misinformation, freedom of movement and restriction. These polarities may come to a head once more as Saturn and Uranus T off in their final square for the year on December 28. We will be feeling the energetic pull of these two from the period of this full moon into the rest of 2021. This will heighten the focus on big ideas with details, the known and unknown, belief versus fact, and logic versus wisdom.

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