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Taurus New Moon: Embracing Earth Magic

My amazing partner is on an incredible journey of innovation and sustainability, perfectly aligned with the energies of the Taurus New Moon. His focus is on merging technology and nature to cultivate sustainable and nutrient-rich food. As we were talking, it reminded me of how much of what he does is embodying the essence of this New Moon in Taurus, where innovation meets the earthly realms.

This is a pretty amazing New Moon for intention-setting toward manifestation, especially for evoking abundance on the material plane. It feels like a potent earth-based magical New Moon that can help us align our visions, ideas, and intentions for grounded and long-term success.

After the upheavals of the recent weeks, especially during Aries season, we now reach a softer landing New Moon, that can help us get back in touch with nature, our senses and everyday realities.

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The New Moon in Taurus occurs in Australia on the 8th of May at 1.22pm and falls at 18 degrees of Taurus. Look to see where 18 degrees of Taurus falls in your chart to determine what area of your life might be ripe for manifesting and intention-setting right now.

As the Taurus New Moon symbolises new beginnings, opportunities, and insights in earthly realms, this New Moon in Taurus offers us a powerful synergy for the potential for groundbreaking advancements and success in material and practical matters.

The New Moon is always about setting intentions and beginning new cycles, so this is an excellent time to get ones finances under control, start a new saving scheme, reassess how money and resources are working for you, or against you and make the relevant changes required.


Taurus is also about pleasure-seeking, so use this time to indulge your senses, whether it be receiving a massage, eating delicious food, playing beautiful music or simply enjoying nature and grounding yourself in the here and now.

This New Moon is connected with both Uranus and Jupiter also in Taurus which presents an opportunity to awaken our hope, our innovative thinking and ideas that are out side the box. This is opportunity to allign with our connection to the magic of the earth, to revel in the wonder of nature, of lifes cycles, of growth and re birth and let it inspire us toward new ways of thinking and doing.

However Uranus can still through a curveball during this time. As much as its presence can add and embellish a theme of innovation and new ideas into this New Moon mix, Uranus can also bring forth sudden and unexpected changes, changes that may not suit the comfort seeking energy of a Taurus New Moon. Uranus may bring forth sudden events that may necessitate us having to make changes towards our relationship with our material possessions, financial goals or even our stubborn attachment to things. The challenge here will be to let go of something that may not feel comfortable to let go of.

Uranus’s presence during this New Moon might also elevate or activate our physical bodies, perhaps making us feel a little jittery, uncertain, or discombobulated. If this occurs, the remedy is the earth itself, connecting with nature, planting the feet on the ground, hugging a tree…. ( no really, try it, it’s so good)

This is a perfect New Moon for working with the elements to activate new intentions and to innovate towards growth while remaining grounded in steadfast wisdom. It's a time to embrace new ideas, seize opportunities, and manifest positive change in our relationship with the land, our food,our senses and resources.

We are reminded that our planet is inherently abundant with magic power from its own resources and if we can tap into them, these resources can nurture us, ground us, heal us, support us and help us to be in the world with our feet firmly planted on the ground.

The sextile from Saturn will add an extra layer of support, emphasising the importance of grounding vision with earthly wisdom. This alignment offers us opportunity for innovative endeavours that are not only visionary but also firmly rooted in practicality and long-term sustainability.

The period of the New Moon reminds us also to immerse ourselves in the pleasures of being human in the physical realm, relishing in the richness of good food and reconnecting with the natural world. We should use this time to pause, to admire the beauty that surrounds us and to explore what truly brings us comfort and security on a deeper level.

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