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Taurus Full Moon Solar Eclipse. Shifting Gears and Getting Real

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will all know we are in eclipse season and are currently approaching a doozy. On Tues 8th, at 10.02 pm Eastern Australian Daylight savings time, we experience the second of this eclipse season with a full moon partial solar eclipse in the fixed sign of Taurus.

Navigating this eclipse will be particularly intense for the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius, as we have 8 Astrological planets or points being activated in the fixed signs. If you know your chart, you want to investigate in particular where 16 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio fall in your chart, as this will be the area that will be most activated.


Taurus Full Moon Eclipse 22 Workbook- Aspect Astrology
Download PDF • 15.97MB

There is a lot of fear-mongering on social media about eclipses, but I genuinely believe they are not to be feared. What they ask is that we be prepared to let something go, that we surrender to being open to self-reflection in the areas activated by these fixed signs, that we allow ourselves to move forward with the direction the universe, in fact, our karma prompts us to move toward. This eclipse is all about facing the fears of letting the old go and bravely stepping into new beginnings despite potentially feeling uncomfortable. Themes across our sense of self-value and self-empowerment are being highlighted now. Being in fixed signs, there can be tremendous resistance toward change; there can be a tendency to stay put, dig in our heels and fight against the new opportunities and paths in front of us. It can truly feel scary, but this eclipse is all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Given we are in Scorpio season, the theme here is very much about a six-month theme of alchemy, turning lead into gold, transforming, and bringing the pieces across the Taurus Scorpio axis together to ultimately align you toward stepping consciously into your power. What is unique about this eclipse, though is that we also feature many of our personal planets, such as Mercury and Venus with extra special guests Uranus, Saturn and of course, the nodes. A lot is going on.

I have spent much time working on the current full moon workbook. Unlike other workbooks where we actively participate in manifestation, release or spell work, this one encourages us to sit with some questions that may arise during and around this eclipse period. The workbook is there as a guide to help us delve into some self-reflection via questions we can ask of ourselves and the conscious observations we then feel. There is more detail in the workbook about this particular eclipse, the questions and self-reflection exercises and a detailed overview if you happen to have your natal Moon in the sign of Taurus.

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