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Ready for our last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus?

This is our last Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus. Over the previous two years, we have been dancing with the Taurus Scorpio axis during the eclipse seasons. This polarity invited us to work through themes of our own self-value, our sense of worth, our embodiment with our physical resources, how we find peace, and how we activate and work with our senses.

I have created my Free Full Moon Lunar Eclipse workbook to help prompt you to reflect on some of these themes. Rather than including specific rituals, the workbook’s goal this time is focused on questions you may like to ask yourself and reflect on now, to sit with, perhaps journal. It also includes a detailed section for those of you with your natal moon in Taurus

You can download it here:

Taurus Full Moon Eclipse 23 Workbook
Download PDF • 27.86MB

If you don't want the full workbook, you can read the details about this Full Moon Eclipse Below:

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on October 29th at 7.42 am in Taurus. Joined by Jupiter in Taurus, the Moon is in direct opposition with the Sun, Mercury and Mars all lined up in the watery sign of Scorpio. The eclipse is at 5 degrees of Taurus opposite the Sun at 5 degrees of Scorpio. See where these degrees fall in your chart to discover where the major themes of this eclipse will play out for you.

With a few other attendees at this eclipse, such as Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, it is busy, and it's important to be aware that feelings may be elevated, heightened, intense even, to use that overused Scorpio word. What is important to understand is that we should sit with our feelings before acting.

Ruled by Venus, we can pick up on themes that may have come up for us during the recent solar eclipse in Libra, which Venus also ruled. Therefore, we now may feel propelled to move forward on revelations we have had which may include relationship dynamics and where we are out of balance

Both this eclipse and the recent eclipse in Libra are ruled by Venus, so themes of relationships and relating are still on the agenda. We can work with this eclipse to clear out and release some of the issues that may have arisen for us during the last eclipse.

As with all eclipses, it is important to know that eclipses are an energy that propels us forward. What occurs or the themes that arise during a Full Moon Eclipse, in particular, shed light on what no longer serves us, what we need to let go of in order to evolve.

There is often a feeling of a kind of fate that plays out and begins to draw a line between past and future versions of ourselves.

This is a very real-time of showing up to face any restrictions that are holding you back from being your true and most authentic self, the self that the universe has planned for you.

This is a period of facing what is yours on your terms and dealing with what is not.

Taurus, as we know, loves stability, feeling grounded and connected, and perhaps accumulating some of life's material pleasures along the way. Taurus likes to stay put, often resisting change. Taurus loves some peace and quiet and to engulf itself in the sensory worlds, preferring to stay on the surface of life rather than dive into the shadows of life where Scorpio likes to dwell.

Strangely and in contradiction, they both have peace as the end goal; they just go about it in very different ways. Taurus’s desire for peace will come from grounding themselves, connecting with nature, and quieting life. Attending to the senses via massage, touch, food, and music are all the well-trodden Taurus pathways. The pursuit of peace is integral to this sign. In opposition however, Scorpio says the only way to peace is through the honest, raw wading through our shadows, facing the truths about ourselves and dealing with what looms below, only then once these parts of ourselves have been faced, can we find peace.

So part of the theme of this eclipse is where and how do you need to find your sense of peace? Do you identify more with finding peace from aligning with a need to satiate our senses, or more so from working through drama in order to find harmony?

Being aware of the lower vibrations of both of these signs offers us many clues as to how we can get caught up in spirals or loops that may indeed prevent us from finding the peace we desire. We can use the shadow sides of both signs to mask our ability to find real peace, or to move us further away from calm and peace. In Taurus, we can fall victim to the allure of gathering more and more possessions in order to mask a sense of poor self-value. In Scorpio, we can become attached to a loop of emotional drama games, as long as we are feeling something that is better than not feeling at all. Neither is helpful in the long run.

Taurus is very much about how we derive our sense of worth and value in the world. So, big questions or realisations may arise around these themes. Are you getting what you want? Is what you want aligning with your values, and are your values serving your higher self-worth?

This may be a time to revisit old values or feelings around your sense of self-worth. Pondering on these themes during the eclipse being aware of them offers us opportunity to dive into the emotions and explore where we may be lacking in feeling genuinely good about ourselves. What is still potentially lurking below the surface that could be still playing havoc with our perception of ourselves and self-value in the world.

What resources or tools do you think you may still need to help remedy these feelings? Taurus reminds us to utilise resources we have available to us, and if we are lacking the resources that can help us better our sense of self-value, to find them.

The best resource that Taurus has to offer us, of course, is nature itself, so spending time in nature during the period of this Full Moon Eclipse will certainly help to ground us and work to remind us we are part of this planet. Doing something literal like planting trees, getting into the garden, helping out in a soup kitchen, offering some financial help to someone in need, are all acts we can take to help us feel better about ourselves.

Allow yourself to take note of how you are feeling and to align with a deep connection to the planet and your place in it.

This eclipse is the ending of the Taurus Scorpio cycle as we move further now into the Aries Libra eclipse seasons from now on. We can use this Eclipse to release much of what may have come up for us during the recent New Moon Eclipse in Libra.

Themes of where we are compromising ourselves too much for the sake of our relationships or putting other people's happiness first. We can use this eclipse to consciously let go of these traits and forge ahead in speaking and standing up for our own needs. Taurus energy is all about being self-reliant, so tap into this as much as you can right now.

During this eclipse, we have players such as Mars in the mix. Mars in Scorpio is directly opposite Jupiter. Things may feel elevated or taken to the extreme.

We may even feel a sense of opposition from others. It is worth being aware of this energy but to also remind ourselves not to make a mountain out of a mole hill and to take things out of proportion.

We are reminded to try to stay grounded where possible but to also release whatever fears or attachments we may cling onto that keep us stuck in opposition with someone. This is an excellent time for walking away from conflict situations that are doing us no good. It is also worth being aware that Mercury has a role here in the sign of Scorpio as well, and we could be poised to say things we may regret.

The best use of Mercury right now is to write and journal about some of the issues that come up for us now. Mercury in Scorpio loves to go deep, so use this time to write about any unexpressed anger or to write about things we are fearful of saying out loud.

We may feel frustration about certain areas of life. Frustrations can be positive as they highlight where we have become stale and where we need to grow. Where do you feel you need to grow? What feels frustrating in life right now, and what can you do about it?

This axis is all about shining a light on and accessing your deeper consciousness, bringing upward that that has been buried, denied, and not dealt with. This energy can highlight an unconscious limitation or fear you have allowed that is now being brought forth to deal with to assist you on your path moving forward.

With Mercury in the picture and playing for team Scorpio, bringing truths to the surface, dealing with truths that may be denied, sudden truths being revealed or speaking your absolute truth are all themes that could play out now. This is a time when sudden revelations come to light and need to be dealt with.

The Scorpio Taurus polarity on a more mundane level, is also about material resources, finances and sharing resources. Themes around these issues could also arise; in particular, we should reflect on where and how we feel under-resourced and disempowered in these areas and what we may be able to do to turn this around.

We can explore habits or behaviours that take away from our sense of self-worth, financial worth and self-empowerment.

Taking steps toward a new monetary regime, a new relationship with money, and letting go of what may be holding us back from feeling materially abundant and supported are other strong themes for this eclipse. On a collective level, this eclipse could certainly highlight the polarity of the haves and the have-nots, justice and inequity. In particular, our volatile financial markets could be seriously stirred up during this phase.

This is big energy for the fixed signs that traditionally don't like change. It may help to journal and write during this eclipse, taking note of the feelings that arise, the visions for the new that appear the elements of letting go that can hurt.

So take note, and even if it is a small step, take a step toward the change you want to see and remember to be kind to yourself and others along the way. Remember to step outside and connect with nature, to be kind to yourself and not to blow things out of proportion, check in with yourself.

To dive into more detail as to how this Eclipse will affect you and how the Taurus Scoprio axis plays out in your own astrology, book a reading via the booking page on this web site or clicking here

I am limited spaces left before I sign off for the end of the year, so lock in your session now.

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