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Scorpio Season- Swimming in the Deep


Welcome to Scorpio Season. There is so much going on during this Scorpio Season that I hardly know where to start. We have planets moving direct after being in retrograde motion for a while, Some going retrograde, planets changing signs, interesting aspects, a Venus star point activation and of course, this Scorpio season, we also have both the Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio followed by the Total Luna eclipse in Taurus. I will be writing much more about these eclipses separately, but with the aspects that are formed by other planets at the same time, they cast a significant flavour on this Scorpio Season, it is going to be intense but also potentially deeply transformative.

As we move into Scorpio season, I will continue to highlight information on my Instagram page @aspectastrology all about the Planet of the Season, focusing on Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio as Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio resonates with me deeply. Pluto I find is one of the most powerful planets in our charts and absolutely represents the same themes as Scorpio. So buckle up, we are in for a bit of a ride. If you don't follow my instagram page, jump on board. @aspectastrology

I am now booked into mid way of November and only have a few places left before we hit the end of the year. If you've been keen to get your chart explored professionally now is the time.

There will be a fair bit of information coming in over the next few days to help you navigate this intense and transformative time.

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