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SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON. Ignite your passions and shoot for the stars.

This my friends is a beautiful, abundant, generous and energising Full Moon in Sagittarius, reminding us probably more than anything else to allow ourselves to think big, broadly and abundantly, to find gratitude for even the smallest of things that bring us joy, to focus on the positivity of life and to let indeed go of negative beliefs that may be holding us back from expanding our perceptions in the world, broadening our horizons and shooting our arrows into the future we would like to see unfold for ourselves.


I have created my Free Full Moon Workbook for you to tap into this special Full Moon.


Download PDF • 38.86MB

The workbook provides a carefully selected set of questions to help you work through some of the themes and key issues that might arise during this Full Moon. The workbook also includes an in-depth overview of what it means to have your natal moon in the sign of Sagittarius. I have also included a specific self-reflection set of questions for those with the Moon in Sagittarius.


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The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs in Australia on May 23rd at 11:53 PM. It falls at 2 degrees of Sagittarius, so check where this degree falls in your chart to determine which area of your life will be most influenced. This Full Moon is particularly significant, aligning with expansive and opportunistic aspects that pave the way for Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter, to move into Gemini a few days later. This event echoes the themes of the upcoming Jupiter in Gemini transit: balancing the expansion of new ideas, information, and communication within the context of our personal truths and broader, deeper spiritual understanding.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, embodies the archetype of the philosopher and the explorer, urging us to transcend our current limitations and pursue higher understanding and meaning in our lives. This Full Moon calls us to reflect on our personal beliefs, values, and the broader vision we hold for our future. Are we living in alignment with our highest truths? Are we open to new perspectives and experiences that can expand our horizons?

When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to understand a different perspective without judgment, allowing yourself to listen, understand, and seek perhaps a new meaning or philosophical perspective? We are often so tied to our belief structures, constantly echoed back to us by the media we consume. This Full Moon sets the path to let go of limitations and broaden our experiences, thinking, and beliefs.

With the Moon opposing not only the Sun but also Venus and Jupiter, we can explore ways to seek a harmonious balance between broadening our horizons and engaging in detailed information. Sagittarius is a truth seeker, influencing how we structure our belief systems, philosophies, and ideas, and how we approach personal growth. This Full Moon energy asks us to examine our belief systems, our relationship with spirituality, our perspectives, and fundamentally, what we believe to be true. Each of these broadens the mind, aiding in understanding the world and our place in it.

This period calls for letting go of what no longer serves us or what is no longer accurate in our belief, philosophical, and truth systems. It can be a time of facing things we've been afraid to confront or actions we've hesitated to take for fear of others' judgment. This is a time for expanding our vision, ideas, and philosophies, opening up to new possibilities and allowing ourselves permission to grow—whether through education, travel, or other means exposing us to new and exciting ideas.

We are blessed during this Full Moon with a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius, offering an opportunity for transformative growth by embracing new ideas and social changes. Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, forms a harmonious trine with the Full Moon, amplifying its transformative potential. In Aquarius, Pluto's energy is directed toward revolutionary change, innovation, and breaking down old structures to make way for new paradigms. This aspect invites us to delve deep into our psyche, confronting hidden fears and releasing outdated patterns that no longer serve our growth.

Pluto's influence encourages a deep, introspective journey. We are called to face the shadows within ourselves, embracing the process of transformation as a pathway to greater authenticity and empowerment. This aspect supports us in shedding layers of conditioning and societal expectations, allowing our true selves to emerge.

Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and spiritual transcendence, forms a supportive sextile to the Full Moon. In Pisces, Neptune's energy is at its most mystical and compassionate, enhancing our ability to tap into the collective unconscious and our own inner spiritual guidance. This aspect encourages us to integrate our quest for truth and adventure with a deeper sense of spiritual wisdom and compassion. It supports us in developing our intuition, enhancing our ability to perceive subtle realms and connect with the divine.

Use this time to allow new ideas to emerge without forcing the situation. This potent energy aligns us with our dreams and the messages they bring. It’s a beautiful time for letting go of self-imposed boundaries or restrictive thoughts that keep us from connecting with our higher selves, inner truths, and spiritual desires. This energy also inspires creative visions, helping us overcome any creative blockages.

A significant feature of this Full Moon is its opposition to Venus in Taurus and especially Jupiter in Taurus at its very last degrees. Jupiter sits at 29 degrees of Taurus, known as the anaretic degree, a fated point where the energy is expressed with heightened urgency and intensity. This is important as it signifies a culmination of what Jupiter in Taurus has meant for us, regarding both the lessons we've learned and how we might ground the Full Moon's energy to bring something new to harvest on the material plane.

Jupiter in the last degrees of Taurus during the Full Moon in Sagittarius highlights a period of culmination and intense focus on material and financial growth, stability, and sensual enjoyment. It’s a time to reflect on the lessons and gains of Jupiter’s transit through Taurus and prepare for a shift towards intellectual expansion and communication as Jupiter moves into Gemini.

To make the most of this Full Moon reflect on your personal beliefs, values, and the broader vision for your life. Identify any limiting beliefs or patterns that need to be released to embrace your true potential. Use Pluto's transformative energy to confront and release deep-seated fears and outdated conditioning. Embrace transformation as a pathway to greater authenticity and empowerment.

Cultivate your intuition and spiritual awareness through meditation, dream work, or other practices that enhance your connection with the divine. Allow Neptune's influence to guide you toward deeper compassion and understanding.

Find ways to integrate your quest for adventure and higher truth with stability and practicality. Ensure that your pursuits are grounded in everyday reality, honouring both your need for growth and your desire for security.

Use this time to contemplate outdated belief systems that you don’t want to bring with you as we transition into Jupiter moving into Gemini.





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