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Rare Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse- Activate your self-focus

We have talked a lot about the astrology of 2023 already. The recent changes that have occurred with two outer planets, Saturn and Pluto, changing signs feel big enough, however now we also have an important, rare, and what I think is a significant New Moon Eclipse in the firey and first sign of the zodiac, Aries.

There are some very special features about this eclipse. It is known as a Hybrid Eclipse; it is the first in a new series of eclipses across the Aries/ Libra axis, it is the 2nd New Moon in Aries, and it falls in what is called the anorectic degree, 29 degrees, which it is claimed can really activate a level of higher consciousness.

Eclipses are points of intersection where the Sun and the Moon’s paths meet; they are aligned, which is why this is important. We can not say if the effects will be positive or negative, this depends on so many other factors, but eclipses offer us a period of intensification in the sign they occur in – closing some doors, opening others, speeding things up and revealing a new pathways.

This eclipse occurring in Aries will intensify Aries themes of self-direction, courage, mastery, bravery assertiveness. We may feel very self-focused now, and this is precisely the point.

This particular eclipse will be felt most strongly by those with strong Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer in their charts. If you know where 29 degrees of Aries falls in your chart, the eclipse will be activated in this house. So take a look to see where the eclipse will fall.

This is a special eclipse and one I encourage you to embrace if you would like to activate change in your life. To dig into what real change could look like for you, book in an astrological reading now. Head to to book directly. Note I will be putting up my prices at the end of this financial year, so get in now.

Read below for more on what this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries may mean, and do feel free to let me know how it plays out for you.

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