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Pisces Season- Rolling in the deep.

As we cross over into Pisces Season, we feel the energy shift toward the feeling realms. We are now more able than ever to access gateways into other dimensions, to connect with our spirituality, to harness love, empathy, acceptance and above all else healing.

Allow yourself to feel, to surrender, to being in the moment, taking notice of the wonder of the world around you and the divinity that exists within everything.

My Instagram account @aspectastrology was hacked a few weeks back. I am happy to say, after much anguish, I have it back and I can assure you it is safe. If you don't already, head over and follow the account. Swim around there for a bit.

During the period of not having this account I did some re assessing on what content I would like to share and how. At the end of the day, the most important thing to me, is being the best possible astrologer I can be for my clients. Therefore I am focusing more on looking after me so I can look after them. My aesthetic has changed and some of my posts will be slightly shorter for now.

My full moon workbooks will continue to subscribers to this newsletter. I hope you are enjoying them. I would love to get some feedback???????

Pisces season is a wonderful time to explore 'other dimensions' including astrology. So if you are keen, I have a few spots available still for March. Head to the booking section on this web site or e mail me directly: to book in a consultation for yourself or a loved one.

Meanwhile, we had a set back in launching our podcast but will announce a new date for launch very soon, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's some information on what to expect during PISCES SEASON

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